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1- I hate it when people drastically change a social situation, and then turn around and get upset when they learn that things are different. It's like they want to change their behavior completely without anyone acting differently.

2- I hate it when my friends are insensitive to a mutual friend of ours. I usually don't notice when people aren't there for me; I don't expect them to be. But when people purposely ignore their friend's feelings, I get pissed off.

3- I hate how it's somehow okay to mock people who are overweight. I hate all the victim blaming that comes with it. I hate that some obese people are to ashamed to even complain about all the horrible things people say about them, because they internalize this "it's my fault" attitude.

4- I hate that I feel the need to explain that I am not overweight, and never have been.

5- I hate gender assumptions. I hate it when people tell me I won't understand something because of my gender. I concede that it might be true, but why not try?

6- I hate people who excuse bad behavior with demographics. "It's okay that she's moody and distant; she's a teenager." or "Don't worry about the teasing; boys will be boys." I mean, Christ, would it kill you to acknowledge that people are individuals? Do we always have to attribute their behavior to their age and sex?

7- I hate listening to straight girls whine about how there aren't any good guys out there. Or worse yet, how hard it is to meet good guys.

8- I hate re-fried beans. Also, tofurky. And black olives. Black olives are pretty nasty.

Like most other Americans, I get tired of pretending to be happy all the time. When this happens, I stay up late and write extremely negative journals that (hopefully) will never be attributed to me.


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I know....

EXACTLY what you mean.

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Olives in general are just

Olives in general are just disgusting.

“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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3- I understand that it

3- I understand that it sometimes isn't anyone's fault that they're overweight. My aunt is obese, but if she walks too much, her feet swell up and bleed. Not fair.

5- I don't understand what you mean here. Give an example.

6- I'd rather my parents think it's okay that I'm distant because of my age. I don't want to be confronted about it. I hate that.

7- That is indeed horrible. At least they get to talk about it. I've thought a lot of times about how much easier it would be if I were straight.

8- I love refried beans so much.

I am happy most of the time.

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5) "You would never

5) "You would never understand about the kind of treatment women get because you're male"
- Great. Instead of people saying that, they could actually explain... about the kind of treatment women get.

"You're a girl, there's no point in asking you about this maths homework. I'm going to ask some incompetent fool sitting next to you who gets crap grades."
“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”