The Happiest Days of our Lives

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I'll talk about that vid in a sec.

Today was okay. It was pretty restful, as days go. Mainly sat on my ass for a while, watched a documentary about Casey Anthony, then took my bike down to the beach, and had a ridiculously relaxing time staring at and listening to the ocean. Where we live is so beautiful. We just never really look at it...
Then I listened to The Dark Side of the Moon, probably best album on Earth, in my humble opinion, then had a nice bike ride back up the hill, it's like fuckin 800 feet or something that I have to ride back up to get back to my house. And I'm fuckin out of shape, I ain't been swimming in weeks... fuck.
And on my way riding back up, it started to rain, I'll talk about that in a sec, and listened to Atom Heart Mother, also pretty good. Then I got home, took a bath while reading a book, and then my parents and I went to dinner.

In retrospect, a ridiculously relaxing day, which I feel I could use. I'm feeling better, more relaxed recently, but there are still things I'm really getting anxiety about, maybe I'll talk about them later...
And I ain't been sleeping so well, so it was nice to get sleep too.

Anyway, that video.
And the book I'm reading, it's about Enron, you know, the massive energy corporation that was massively corrupt and lied about profits and shit and went belly up in 2001? Ridiculous, I know, fucking ridiculous.
And then, the rain, on my way back up from the beach.

That all reminded me of something. Sometimes people talk about shit like "homosexuality is unnatural", or weird shit, and well, first up, sex is about the most natural thing on earth, that's about as natural as it gets, and by extension, sex will be done, in various forms, it's part of our nature, and totally natural basically however it's done, we're just sexual beings.
And also, just being natural doesn't mean being better, like, I like things like antibiotics, those are pretty nice, and also very "unnatural".

No, what bothers me a lot more is like at school, when it's raining, people will be like running between buildings.
And that makes me sad.
I fucking love the rain. I think one of the benefits of modern society is I don't give a fuck if I get soaked, I'll just change or take a shower.
Rain is fucking awesome, I never avoid it if I have a choice.
No, what really bothers me is really how ridiculous human society has become.
Like I spend almost all my living hours inside.

Focused on various ridiculous things, like this fucking computer, for instance.
And just the very way we try to shut out nature, to shut out our own nature, sex, etc., how people are so focused on money, and shit, and things like iPhones.
That doesn't fucking matter to me.

And I guess I shouldn't be a cockass, perhaps these people have a point, and it's really what they prefer, but I really just don't like it.
What I really, really want to do, is get some super ass chill friends (Shelby), go hike up into like some beautiful mountain meadow, I know exactly where I'd go, and bring with us probably a shit ton of weed, a telescope, and some instruments.

And we'd sit around a fire and smoke weed and talk, and look through the telescope and see how fucking ridiculously beautiful the universe is, when you really look at it.
And we'd get out our instruments, and play something like:

And just fucking enjoy the atmosphere. I so want to do that sometime...
And I think I will, someday.
Until then, I think I'm just waiting.

What do you guys think?


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Haha. That sounds extremely

Haha. That sounds extremely fun. Stargazing, friends, music? All cool. Together, they are awesome.
Also, I love the rain too! high five !!

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we could like bring sleeping bags and just sleep under the stars or some shit and just smoke weed and get high for our first times together and like

just damn son

just, damn.


After further thought, I realize you're probably one of the only people I'd get high with or super drunk, 'cause you're not only amazingly intelligent and funny, you're super homo so I wouldn't drunkenly make out with you


That's redick!