The Perfect Mate

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I have decided on my perfect mates and I want to write it down for future mes to look at, so here they are:

GUY: Tall. Blonde or brown hair, preferably messy/tussled, but not ratted. Good sense of humour. Eyes that are worth gazing into. SUPER smart, but not more so than me. Well-dressed. MUST know how to waltz or be willing to learn. Sensitive, prtotective. English accent. Maybe working in the sciences or a writer.

GIRL: Long dark hair. Dark eyes. Caring, sensitive, bright. Someone I can take care of. Pretty in a delicate way, kind of like that perfect 2nd grade teacher everyone had a crush on; motherly but not a mother hen. Slim, short (about my height). Musical laugh. Possibly a model or dancer.

I wonder which one I'll find. It would make a great movie if I met both at once and had to choose, wouldn't it? I think I'd go with the guy, but only because I've been perfecting him for years and only just started on the girl.


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good mates but id prefer

GUY: slightly taller, dark hair, a bit messy, dark sense of humor, brown eyes, not too smart but smart a bit, tough/manly, protective, scottish accent, any work as long as it aint cashier, someone i could cuddle and huddle into :3.

GIRL: short hair, ginger hair, brown eyes, tomboy, caring but not too caring as well as being awkward about caring (i dont know how to explain it), acts like she doesn't love her friends but really does love them, dark sense of humor, scottis accent, slightly taller, a manual job, somebody i could snuggle with :3.

i dont know which one to pick, dream guy and girl for me cant decide *head explodes*

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When someone describes their perfect mate, it is really a list of the person they want to be. So become that person instead, and then be surprised by who shows up as a mate.

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To steal something Lehcure

To steal something Lehcure said a couple of journals ago (can't remember which), girls get +10 attractiveness just for being gay.

My only thing is not a massive girly girl. I don't really know how to handle those types, though I admire them a lot.

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I really don't have a

I really don't have a physical description of the "perfect girl," because I'm certainly not going to stick to a certain hair color, eye color, etc. when looking for a girlfriend. Any hair color or height can be attractive to me. I don't have a specific physical mold that any girl has to conform to--I just know beauty when I see it.

But, I do have other, non-physical standards. She has to be intelligent, have a fantastically unusual sense of humor, appreciate great music and art. She has to be honest, but in a loving way. She also should be nurturing, cuddly, and tender. I can be lenient on some of these, of course.