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So, I'm reading a book, on looks and how they effect people's interactions.
Basically, even if we don't think looks are important, they are, whether we judge people based on looks consciously or otherwise, they're important.

Rather disturbingly, this can even be shown in like courtrooms, juries tend to be nicer to knockout defendants and attorneys rather than average or ugly ones...

Now, I openly acknowledge that in most of my interactions, I really can't help being nicer to hot guys. If some guy is like really, really hot, I'll be nice to him to just see him smile or something. Like I consciously realize I'm doing it, but I can't help it...
What I'd be interested to know, and I haven't found in the book yet, is whether, for example, I'd be nicer to hot girls, for example, despite not being attracted to them (I mean, I can usually tell if a girl would be considered hot, even if I don't personally think so) than ugly girls, and, if so, how does my bias for hot boys compare to that for hot girls?

By the way, what part of someone do you find the most attractive, and what do you find attractive in someone? (lookwise)
I like lips for some reason. Really nice, delicious lips. Lips that you look at and say to yourself Shit, son, I'd like to suck on those lips. And then you do.
Uh, and I tend to like thin guys. Not necessarily rail thin, I don't require anorexia, just not fat, I don't like fat...

And personality wise, what I'd like, what I'd always like, would be just some fucking uber chill guy.
Like take a Republican. The exact opposite of that.
Like, the people who care so fucking asstight about gay marriage being illegal, it's like seriously? The more time I've spent thinking about gays and gay marriage, the absolute less and less it's seemed to matter to me. I mean, really, what's the difference between straight and gay? Child bearing? Come on, the world would be a better place if more people adopted and didn't have kids.
Basically, the people who get really worked up about that stuff, and about drugs, and all that shit, it's like, it really doesn't matter.

Basically, just some guy who's like really chill and doesn't freak out about stuff. And not being some total dumbass asswipe, that's always good too... There's a lot of those.
My standards aren't that high.

Also, does it ever seem to you guys like attractive people tend to group in groups and do certain activities?
Like, whenever I go skiing, for some reason, it seems like a ton of the boys skiing or snowboarding are just really hot, like more so than usual.
Or really fast swimmer guys, like the fastest ones in the state, all seem like they tend to be really cute.

By the way, have you ever wondered, if you could like ask something what the most attractive person on Earth to you looks like? I've always wondered that...
And more than that, the most possibly attractive guy that would be humanly possible.

Basically, what would be the object, if you could create it, that would attract me more than anything else, sexually? What object could you possibly make that I would want to have sex with the most, what would it look like?
I just assume it would be a guy, that'd be par for the course.

And, about Republicans, did you see that news story I posted up there? Dayummmm, sonnn, they're pretty conservative down there in Texas.
Like you can find their platform here:
Like, that's some intense conservatism there.
Like, these are the people that are so, so unsexy.

Like there was an Economist story about during the Super Bowl halftime, I didn't watch it, this singer chick sang "I don't give a shit!" and flipped off the camera, briefly, and NBC had this big apologizing shit, and the Family Research Council or some other dumbfucks said that an apology wasn't enough, they felt "slapped in the face" by that.

And it's like, seriously, loosen up your sphincters man, fucking slapped in the face? She said a word and made a gesture, so?
Like really, it just doesn't matter at all.

Fucking Republicans, like the ones here in Washington trying to get gay marriage blocked with a referendum before it becomes legal in July, and it's like, you guys, really. I seriously want to cry, that makes me so sad.
These people here, they just want love here, and you go to lengths to tell them they can't have it? Like you actively try to rip it apart?
That's like, so terrible, I can't even...

Do you guys remember Rick Santorum, giving a speech, and he got a question from like this old lady saying "Why do you call Obama, President Obama? I never call him President Obama, he has no right to be president. Obama is an avowed Muslim, and he has no legal right to be President", and that was like a fucking APPLAUSE LINE, and Santorum had an awkward moment, cause his base would be unhappy if he said, uh, no, he does have every legal right to be president, we elected him, and he's not an avowed Muslim, he's a Christian, but he'd be crucified later if he didn't contradict her.

Long story short, he didn't contradict her, and later there were people tearing him apart for that.

And you could almost feel bad for the guy, either alienate his base, or get torn apart by opponents later, until all of a sudden you realize that he deserves it, he's chosen the views where most of the people who agree with him are fucking dumbasses that don't actually know any facts, like that lady, and if he himself was just smarter, that old lady wouldn't have decided to go to his rally.
That just has to be embarrassing, that old lady hears about your rally coming to town, and decides that sounds like a good idea to go to.

Anyway, I'm fucking tired of facebook stalking guys. I need to go out there and cut me off a chunk of that...

Well, I'll let you know how I do with that later, but for now, g'night guys.


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Little with which to disagree...

The Super Bowl? Never, ever! It's a game?

However... I guess I've denied myself seeing the best parts: commercials & half time!

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Yes! People tend to give the

Yes! People tend to give the benefit of the doubt to attractive people. Like, they'll typically agree that more often attractive people are smarter, nicer, funnier, etc.. I think it's wired into us.
Attractiveness: "Like take a Republican. The exact opposite of that." Agreed, for the most part.

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So I take it you went

real life stalking, and went to the state finals swim meet @ KCAC? probably plenty of eye candy there...some of them might even be gay. who knows.

Mental wounds not healing, driving me insane, i'm goin' off the rails on a crazy train- the ozzman

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Am I the only one who laughed at the news article?

Yeah, I also don't really care any more.
I tend to actually be unfriendly to hot guys because most of them are assholes (which is why I was surprised by Brad). The most attractive thing in a guy..... I don't know. I don't favor any part; I'm really picky. He has to be perfect in all the important areas, which are: face, hair, body. And I haven't noticed that hot guys tend to do more group activities. I think Brad has said that he swims 5 hours a day or something (and he always wears swimming shirts), but he never does anything else with other people. He isn't social. The object I'd most want to have sex with would either be a guy or a sandwich. I think sex with the right kind of sandwich would just be awesome. I get turned on by them.
Obama has no right to be president because they think he's secretly Muslim? Where is the fucking logic in that? There is no law against a Muslim being president.
(BTW, I think that "singer chick" was probably M.I.A. She was at the half-time show and, based on the only song I have by here, C.T.F.O., that's probably something she would do.)