this made me laugh XD

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this girl shes a 17 year old Virgin and she recently passed her driving test and a guy how lives in another street accidently Crashed into her.

nobody was hurt the guy didn't mean it but the crash broke her hymen and shes attempting to sue him for rape XD. thats hilarious

i didn't sue anyone when my Hymen broke XD mine at least was a decent story, i was sitting in a tree one day (i like heights) instead of playing football with some of the guys but somebody kicked the football to hard and it whacked the tree. the branch snapped and during the fall i don't know why but spread my legs and i landed pussy first onto a football.

just had to share, why would you sue a guy for that XD she called it "technical Rape" and that she is "no longer a virgin" XD


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That's so stupid!

Why does she even care about er virginity?

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shes technically still a virgin

but i don't know why someone would care that much

i only drink irn bru and the occassional blood of my enemies