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I did write a journal about today, but my laptop unplugged and turned off right before I was done. Fuck everything. I'll try to write the entire day again. Fuckfuckfuck.

Today was awesome already in the very beginning. I sat across from Brad in the first period, like I always do when the desks are arranged into groups. Then he sat down next to me in the lunch room, where we met before we left for the field trip. We sat next to each other on both bus rides, which were at least an hour each. He sat down across from me in a part of lunch. And we were together most of the time when we were walking from lunch to the museum and when we were in the museum. I got to see his face and talk to him so much! <3

But the day wasn't just Brad. In the first bus ride, I listened to foreign radio with another guy on his phone, including Swahili hip-hop. XD Lunch was cool. I couldn't find anything to eat until I went to this Greek food lot with a guy (who happens to be of Greek descent) just to see what was there. A couple of samples later and the aggressive marketer there forced me to buy something (which I would have bought anyway because there was nothing else and because it was a delicious gyro).

The museum was horrible. At first I saw a picture of a bunch of charred corpses. My first reaction was "What the fuck? Why am I turned on by this?" Then I was just trying not to laugh for some reason. The rest was just terrible boredom marked by spots of bad smells and of talking to friends, mostly Brad.

On the bus ride back, everybody was crazy and I have no idea why. One guy sprayed a spray tan into another guy's eye. People used this girl as a blanket and tied her shoes together with a really crazy not. I managed to get the outer section of it undone for her. She wanted to get her feet off my lap, so people had to force me to get my hands of that knot that I was obsessed with. (I'm digressing.) I also looked at a book of Dr. Seuss political cartoons that Brad bought with him and a cool (but conservative >_<) guy.

When we got off the bus I started acting really eccentric. I talked to some friends and my profanity surprised that cool guy. I guess it's because when I'm with him Brad's usually around, and I tend not to curse a lot around Brad.

Sitting next to him on the bus was wonderful, but it was torture at the same time because we still weren't boyfriends. I usually write about him more than I actually think about him because nothing else is worth writing about and because making music takes up a lot of rather uneventful–but fun–time, but today I can't stop thinking about him (not even Skyrim could get my mind off it) because we spent so much time together and I looked at him a lot on the bus. I also thought I saw him looking at me a few times when I turned my head.

Hey, I actually got it all done again within half an hour. ^_^


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At first I saw a picture of

At first I saw a picture of a bunch of charred corpses. My first reaction was "What the fuck? Why am I turned on by this?"

Did you answer your own question?

Glad things are moving on nicely with Brad, as well.

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So cool about your school taking you to museums!

My school only take me to art galleries once a year!