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1) A friend of mine has a cup from the Oasis restaurant in Austin. The restaurant's logo was extremely similar, and it scared the crap out of me. I was sure the website had released cups or something, and that my friend was familiar with the site, and thus had read my journal. I can kind of be an idiot.

2) I'm not sure which is worse; being obsessed with looks, or being obsessed about your perceived intelligence. And there's always those who are obsessed with their perceived masculinity/femininity.

3) Your life can either be boring or very interesting. It doesn't really matter what you do; it matters how you phrase it.

4) If I hold the door for you, and you don't acknowledge or thank me in any way, I'm going to drop the fucking door on you.

5) I need to be 100% out by Valentines day. I miss being out like I was in high school.


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That is actually a good

That is actually a good idea... I am going to start dropping doors on people... and by dropping you do me letting it go before they get there right?

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1) I think something like

1) I think something like that has happened to me before. The word "Oasis" pops up a lot and I always think about Oasis Journals when it does.
2) I hate the labels of masculinity and femininity. I don't really care what I seem like to other people. Being a solipsist has advantages like that. The only reason I care so much about my appearence is Brad.
5) Yeah, I'm planning on telling Brad how much I like him by either Valentine's Day or his birthday. Both are happening this month.