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i hear voices in my head
they keep telling me they understand
they talk to me
they talk to me
i tell them no they tell me yes
they tell me to do such horrible things
to burn to kill to steal

i hear voices in my head
they're all so evil
but yet they are the nicest to me
they were once good
but not again
not again
i want them gone they stay longer

i hear voices in my head
they say they can help
but they cant
they say they can stop the hurt
but they bring pain
they say they are my friends
but they're more like enemies
they say they are the only things that know me
thats true

i hear voices in my head
they are gaining control
once they do no one will be safe
its the unavoidable storm
i build up the walls to stop them
but they get torn down
theres hundreds of them and none of me
i don't even know if one of thems me
or is he dead?
or among the few survivors of good?
or did he never exist?

i hear voices in my head
they are overriding my controls
they are overriding my brakes
they are driving at top speed
without brakes how will i stop?
no locks either they will take charge soon
and once they do...
and once they do...

i hear voices in my head
they follow me where ever i go
they follow me into my dreams
they follow me into my feelings
they follow me into my senses
they follow me to the bitter end

i hear voices in my head


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I have no doubt...

...yours has not been an easy life.

I feel truly quite helpless in coming up with the right words that might give you the confidence that things really will get better.

They will!

But right now, however, I believe your best asset is your talent...

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you think i have talent? honestly this is my first ever attempt :') you just made my day thank you *hugs*