What a day.

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So yeah about a day ago I was waiting at my transfer point coming back from college. There was a guy on a skateboard and I decided to strike up a conversation. So we talk and whatnot about if the bus might be running late. Then a loud smashing sound, turns out this little Chevrolet-SUV deal just did a head on with a telephone pole. The telephone pole won.

So in that split second when I'd turned around to see it I saw a little bit of plastic from the headlight fly across the street still going with the momentum. Skateboard Guy ran to the SUV and I dialed up 911. So a few minutes later Skateboard Guy comes back to me and the Firemen showed up to assess the stuation.

Skateboard Guy told me that there was only one guy (the driver) in the SUV. He said that the driver was conscious but had a rather bloody face. And apparently this man kept saying "Don't call the cops" repeatedly. By this time the SUV was already leaking some fluid from the engine. Skateboard guy said the driver was probably drunk.

The worst part is if he actually was drunk he did hit a telephone pole right in front of an Elementary School which makes it just that much worse on him. And as soon as all that happened I had to catch my bus and headed home, thinking "What a day".


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Wow. Good thing the car

Wow. Good thing the car didn't hit you!

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