Where's Jeff?

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I know, it's a weird thing to come out of lurker-dom about, but I haven't seen him around in forever.

On a similar note, if he's not around, do we have anyone serving in something like a moderator position? (i.e. delete spammers and/or occasionally step in if someone starts making flagrant personal attacks? We don't seem to need much of either of those things around here, but every so often...)

Just curious.


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Funny how when you talk about spammers, we get one. I KNOW YOUR TRUE IDENTITY, SPLASH :P

Kidding, but he's been rather busy lately. He's.. around, but not always here 24/7
That's redick!

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If you need Jeff for

If you need Jeff for anything, you can still reach him by e-mail, which is listed on the right-hand column.

He just moved to NYC, so he's really busy right now.

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just moved to NYC yesterday, so still out exploring the hood, getting settled in, and of course, doing Book of Mormon lottery as often as possible.

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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'exploring the hood' dat

'exploring the hood' dat shit cray