Who's sick of the world?

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The world. I'm getting tired of it. I swear that no one realizes what's really going on. No nevermind. They know. Most everyone is aware of all the shits that been going on everywhere. Just no one comprehends it. If you watch the news... most often, you see something about a damn war, someone got raped, murdered, whatever. Sure, there are some happy stories like people getting help and everything but for those stories to happen... something bad had to happen first or someone had to be struggling. And people my age. Like wtfff. I go on facebook and just see everyone calling eachother whores and fighting all the time. Cant anyone be fucking nice for once? Theres also just main world problems such as starvation. Theres enough food on the Earth to feed everyone but yet theres shows on tv like man vs food and shit like that where people stuff their faces and make themselves sick from eating so much where there are constantly people dying from starvation. I hear so many stories of terrible things happening and people are just so wrong anymore. Where did everyones morals go? And lets not mention the fact that theres racism everywhere, discrimination, things like that, that divide the world apart. Everythings just so fucked up. People need to grow the hell up.


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OMG I was JUST talking aout

OMG I was JUST talking aout this with my mom. I hate how the human race just goes around killing and hurting people and creatures left and right. Can't people just be nice, peaceful and productive once in a while?

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball

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Funnily enough... You're part of the human race.

So I hope you haven't ever hurt anything ever or squashed spiders.

'Cause yeah.

But, anyways, most of the hurting is just part of human nature. We are, at base level, animals, and animals compete by instinct. We may seem advanced enough to merely talk out the things we need to solve or want to get, but in the end of the day, we rely on our base instincts to solve things..
That's redick!

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People don't care because

People don't care because suffering has become trivial in our death culture. War? Pain? Make a film about it, sell it to millions. Terror framed is terror diffused.

We love this cultural oppression because it is easy, narcotic.

If you're up for it, I've written an essay about this -

It is not a happy one.

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Generation by generation, we

Generation by generation, we are becoming desensitized to human violence and suffering. But, what is there to do that could possibly reverse it? My only coping mechanism is to detach myself from it all. I live in my own little world, here in this riverside town in the Midwest.

Murder, rape, hatred...there is nothing I can do to stop any of it. Human nature is somehow ugly and beautiful at the same time. Really, the only thing you can do is try to ignore the uglier parts of humanity and pay close attention to the beautiful parts. Be sure to notice the little acts of kindness that float around, and cling to those. Maybe even commit a few of your own.