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So the other day I read some theory by fucking Deleuze that breezed right past Foucault and made all kinds of sense. My worldview was fucked up. No more panopticon? Shit's getting real, you guys.

Protip: Planning a provincial conference basically on your own is really stressful when you don't know yet how much funding you're getting and the guy who was supposed to get back to you about space over a week ago... hasn't. *twitches like a twitching thing*. Finding pannelists has also turned into a bit of a video game and makes me feel like a horrible person.
I still require: a queer senior, a queer person of colour, at least one FtM trans* person, at least one queer disabled person who is not me or my friend/ex-professor, more than one organization to talk about queer health.

Also bla bla bla gendershit no one cares.


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No one cares?

Why do you need these specific types of people? What is this panel you mention?

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So basically one night over

So basically one night over cheesecake I volunteered to put together an inter-agency conference for all the queer agencies in the province to get together and network and educate each other/the general public. I've got six pannels, but I need actual pannelists for them. Some of the pannels I've already got contacts that I can find people through, so Queer in Educational Institutions, Being Queer in a Professional Environment, Violence in the Queer Community. The other three pannels are Queer health (which I've got the HIV/AIDS organization in the city for, but that sort of brings up the stigma of HIV being a "gay desease") so I want to get other people to talk about other risk factors, the gender pannel where I know a couple non-binaries, a couple MTFs, but the only FtMs I know live out of province and we don't hae thve budget to bring them in. And then there's an intersectionality pannel, and I basically need everyone for that. If need be I can sit on it for disability, and I do know someone who is two Spirit and Cree (again, he lives out of province), but other than that I'm stuck. And I'm trying to decide if religion fits in with intersectionality, because I know a couple queer religious leaders... but then that also brings in the problem of if we include one religion, i.e. Christianity, we're leaving out a ton of others. But at the same time, the same could be said for any intersectional differences, you know? And I for real need to know if we can get space at the university, and how much funding we're getting to do this. ...also it's at the end of April. Also I might be crazy.

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is a huge responsibility to commit to over cheesecake. Wow.

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...jesus christ I may be in

...jesus christ I may be in the process of getting Kate Bornstein to come speak. *pets budget* C'mon, you can do it...

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I wish you the BEST of luck.

I wish you the BEST of luck. And also your subject line is entirely true.