WTF did my neuropsicologyst said?

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It was on Friday when I had to post this.

On Friday I had to go to my Neuropsycologyst and she told me: " guys go out with girls because they are searching their femenine side! Aren't you searching for you?" O.o
That was awkward! And I got a little bit offended.

Nico was trying to talk to me, but I'm still pissed about he said to my friend on last week. And if he wanted to punch me why he didn't do it?! And I spent all day with Andrew and found him staring at me again! :D


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Does she even have the right

Does she even have the right to say something like that? Sounds quite unprofessional. You're not seeing a Freudian, are you?
“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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Nevere heard "Freudian" in

Nevere heard "Freudian" in my life! What is it? And it really sounded unprofessional!

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I don't get what she said. Doesn't make sense to me.

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Yeah, that doesn't make much sense

My boyfriend's the feminine one anyways! ;)
That's redick!