Yeah yeah yeah.

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So not much going on in my life which is a good thing. My classes are doing ok, primarily College Algebra is kicking my ass but I'm hanging in there and getting help and such. I hung out with my friend again yesterday, so that was way cool and did another song together. Good thing I have a 4-track for recording everything together. lol

Anyway have you ever had a secret that rationally was not a bad thing but if anyone found out you'd be afraid of what they'd think of you? Maybe we all have some secret like that, like thumbsucking for example. Not that I'm asking or anything. On other things my kindle fire is doing well being unrooted, it's less modable but that's ok for right now.

I finally got that micro USB B-type cable in the mail today, so i have two micro USB cables for my phone and kindle. Someday I'll reroot again, someday. SuperUser app will once again reign supreme control over the kindle's system! lol

Anyway if you've gotten this far through my crap please tell me how you're doing. I've not kept up too much on here in the past few days.