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Honeycomb sweetness dripping from bee-stung lips ; the sensuality of your proximity ; your finger in my mouth ; cider-built rêveries.

Your oneness, all-encompassing
My self, imaginary.


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further, a question :

when you use your hand do you touch me, the boy, or me, the infirmity?

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After repeated readings...

...a slight change in punctuation would greatly facilitate comprehension: "...touch me, the boy --- or me, the infirmity?"

Now... I understand! :)

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thank you! I struggle so

thank you! I struggle so much with punctuation...

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As do I, as well!

I use punctuation very idiosyncratically... largely to control flow of speech and to enhance intelligibility (this latter consideration is all the more important if I don't really have anything intelligent to say). :)