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So, apparently I don't get to move away this summer.

No... I can't handle it here any longer. I can't. I hate it here so fucking much. I wouldn't wish a day of it on my worst enemy, let alone 18 fucking years of it.

I was so dumb to think that something would actually go my way for once. Hahaha, like that ever happens.

All I wanted was a better place and a fresh start.


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If you're 18, you get to do whatever you want, no?

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I'm not yet, but I will be

I'm not yet, but I will be in November, so I'll have spent 18 years here by the time I can leave and go to college. That's what I meant in case it was not clear. But in November, I won't have any money or anything, and I will still be in high school, so I can't just leave on my 18th birthday. I was supposed to move away in June... I explained it better in my reply to Splash's comment below

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What happened?

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My mom had this serious

My mom had this serious boyfriend who was long distance and lived in a cool city and we were going to move in with him in June because they planned on getting married sometime this year. She has been telling me since December how we are going to move and how it will be great and how much better everything will be, but I guess I was so excited that I kind of forgot that she can't ever seem to keep a boyfriend.

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I'm so sorry.

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Thanks... I guess it's

Thanks... I guess it's better than getting all the way out there and then having to come back.

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look @ it as you having a little over a year to plan out where your going to college, your financial aid, a job? and then count down the days to your destiny.

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Yeah but I could have done

Yeah but I could have done all that where we were going...

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With this let down... you can now be more determined then ever. Choose a good college far enough away, work out your financial aide etc. research the college area/city. Go online make connections with people going there or already there. Right now if your chance to set it all in motion... so that first day at college you can say "I rule"

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I'm definitely going twice

I'm definitely going twice as hard with my college search now. I'm gonna try to go really far from this awful place. I just know there's a way I can do it. I have always had good grades except for one class that I have this year, my ACT is good and I'm trying to get it even higher, I've added a lot of things to my high school resume this year... Now I won't be getting into any Ivy League schools, but I am confident a decent school in a good place will have me.