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God damn, I love this time of year. One of the many reasons: all the ladies in shorts. Of course, right now, I am utterly blind to all but one. Brittany looks sooooo amazing in short shorts. Not the slutty, up-your-asscrack kind of short shorts, but the reeaaal flattering kind that's just the right length. I try not to check her out too obviously. Or drool. But damn it, she has incredible legs. And those thighs? Jesus H. Christ, it drives me mad. *Insert winky face here*

I will say that I am not a fan of the way most girls at my school dress as soon as the weather gets nice. It's just like "Hey, the sun is out, better show my vagina to everyone." Ugh. I've noticed that the majority of the girls at my school try wayyyyy too hard to be "beautiful." Many of them look like the fucking gingerbread man with their ridiculous overdone tans. And wearing skirts and shorts that crawl up your ass crack? No thanks. That's definitely a turn-off for me, believe it or not.

I'm not saying dress like a Puritan or anything. If you have a nice ass and boobies, show it a bit. But for fuck's sake, don't walk into school basically naked, with your dumb-ass spray tans and your gallons of makeup. Maybe this is just something exclusive to my school, but 90% of the ladies here are just desperate, attention-seeking whores. And springtime is whore season, the perfect opportunity to try way too hard to look "sexy."

I think I have a peculiar concept of what outer beauty is.

Anywho, one last thing before I depart for my sister's volleyball game.

I've considered writing a poem about my sexuality and letting Brittany read it, as a cutesy way of coming out. I'm not going to spell it out in big letters in an extremely obvious way, but just kind of subtly hint at it and see if she can figure it out. I dunno. She doesn't strike me as the homophobic type at all, but I'd like to have decent timing. I think I'mma go for it.

What do you guys think?


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Eugh, ass-crack shorts are awful.

I spend the whole time looking (I'm only human) and obsessing over how uncomfortable it must feel. Like, why would you intentionally give yourself the mother of all wedgies... for everyone to see.

The poem seems like a good, non-pushy way of introducing the subject. Would you be disappointed if she didn't ask any further about it though?
“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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Yes! Exactly. I don't mind

Yes! Exactly. I don't mind looking at a little leg, but have a bit of class while showing it off, please. There's a right way and a skanky way to strut yo' stuff.

I might be a bit disappointed, yes. But there are other ways to introduce the topic to her that I could come up with. Chances are, based on what I know about her, that she'll be asking questions. I'm gonna start writing the poem tonight and see what ends up on paper.