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Hehe, love Ricky Gervais.

I've always thought it was weird when the Supreme Court ruled both that "Corporations are people" and "money=speech".
Like, fuck. Corporations are not people, people are fucking people.
Corporations' decisions are decided by the few people at the top, so it's not like they're some free little democracy which will allow the Will of the People to be better represented in government, no, the few people at the top will lobby and donate to attempt to further their own interests.
Corporations are sort of like people in that all the actual decisions are made by the brain, analogous to the executives, while everyone else is the balls, the arms, the colon, the legs, everything else that has no say in how it's used, but supports the brain which then tells them how to behave.
But in reality, corporations are not fucking people, I don't know why that could even be said...

Likewise, "money=speech"? What's that implying, that rich people have more speech than other people?
What the fuck is that?
I remember hearing about that and I thought yeah, that's just what we need, rich, powerful people having even more inordinate influence on politics. Yeah. Good shit..
Like that part is, in many ways, the much worse bit. Like Newt Gingrich's campaign is kept alive solely by the support of one man, Sheldon Adelson, who donated more than $10 million to Gingrich's campaign. He wouldn't even be in the race anymore if it wasn't for the support of one man.
Fucking dumb. And Americans just kinda sit here and take it up the ass, where's a good riot when you need one?

Lastly, about Trayvon Martin. I probably wouldn't bother talking about it, but I thought he was pretty cute, so I will.
Frankly, from what I've seen, frankly, I think Zimmerman was not acting in self-defense, he was, I think, the antagonist in this situation, and I think it likely had an element of racial profiling in it.
Like, his story "I was just following this kid cause I thought he was suspicious, lost sight of him, then started walking back to my truck when I was struck from behind and he started beating me so I had no choice but to shoot him", that doesn't seem to make too much sense to me, a 17 year-old with no history of violent crime, oh lol, there's that guy, Imma go beat him up for no fucking reason lol, I doubt it.
Although, Zimmerman was following him, which might have had something to do with it, although of course that doesn't make it that much better, because that still doesn't scream self-defense to me, I think self-defense should mean they seek you out.

However, I do fucking HATE righteous fuckbags and vigilantes. Like in OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony, and here, I personally think they're all guilty from the little I know about the cases, but there's a reason we have a system of juries and likewise and the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. (although I think we need a lot more consideration for mens rea in our system, we're moving away from it)
As shitty as our system is a fucking lot of the time, what with wrongful convictions and even executions, racial bias, and every nonviolent drug crime ever committed, it's a fucking hell of a lot better than a system where everyone has the ability to be judge, jury, and executioner based on no oversight but their own.
And worst of all, the total self-righteousness of which they feel themselves better than their victims, when I'd argue them just as bad.

So as much as I think he's guilty, if they can't find the evidence to convict him, I'm at peace with that, because it's a heavy price, even though it could be lightened by better policy, but it's the price we have to pay to defend the liberties of everyone.


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There is a huge gap in what we know about Trayvon. We know he was pursuing him, and then we don't know anything until Trayvon is dead, which is a crucial period of time. So far, even the eyewitnesses are in conflict about what they saw, and Zimmerman supposedly did volunteer work or some sort with black youth, and a black newscaster in the area knows him and spoke out saying he isn't racist. So, sadly, I think we have to wait for evidence/testimony before convicting him, although you wouldn't know it from the "news" sites. ;-)

I just pruned my Twitter feed by more than half, and I couldn't remove Ricky, even though all his posts are either self-promotion or making fun of people who tweet to him.

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I think you need to watch law abiding citizen. If you can rent it yet, not that you're...kind of an adult? drive on down to the local blockbuster, or redbox, and rent law abiding citizen. awesome movie on how corrupt and flawed our system can truly be.

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I don't think that is a true story or anything. Just entertainment. ;-)

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (

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you can watch it in HD on youtube

you should talk all the talk in a poets style

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Agree... on Trayvon!

Considering my age, I feel a bit uncomfortable saying cute.

But... he was definitely a very good looking teen!

What a shame he had to suffer such a misfortune...


Edit, hours later:

Just watched the videos! Hilarious!

They were just a gift... freely offered without comment? Shame!

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"Shame!" was intended to be seen facetiously...