Clean 2

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I couldn’t take my eyes off of the orange feline. My mind no longer was able to process rational thoughts anymore, as I began to press myself into the wall behind me. Hoping that it would give way and maybe I would be able to escape this nightmare. There were so many questions that I should have been asking myself, but I couldn’t. I was frozen completely by shock, at least until the cat broken the silence between us again with that same seductive, “Meow.” It was this noise that finally brought me back to reality as I realized something. The cat was speaking… and the so called ‘meow’ was not a noise. An evil laugh filled the air between us as the feline’s gore stained grin covered its face. The animal’s body shook with laughter as it was obvious were the noise came from, “Well well it seems that it took you long enough to figure it out boy. What was it that gave it all away? I hope the fact it wasn’t because half my face is missing… no?”

Silence fell again between as I watched it licking it’s paws to clean off the blood, as though waiting for me to speak. The only thing that came to mind was, “What… are you… man?” I could not help the mixture of sounding like a scared child, but at the same time throwing in some sense of slang that had been in grained into my speech. This only seemed to amuse the beast as it stopped it’s cleaning to look dead into my eye with its one blinking curiously. Turning its head to the side in such an amused manner it simply said, “What do I look like to you boy? In fact I can go ahead and answer that question. I am a cat. Nothing more… Nothing less… just a simple kitty.” It paused for a moment before it continued to speak though not before looking at me with such an amused look, and then suddenly turning its head a full 360. Making a cracking sound, as its neck broke and the bones separated themselves completely form each other.

“See what I mean boy… nothing, but a simple kitty.” As I watched it speak, a steady stream of blood ran form it’s lips which I could only assumed were cause by the internal damages from what it had just done, “Now then boy, I think that your real question is, ‘Who am I?’. Now the answer to that one is a bit harder, and I can tell by the look on your face that you seemed confused enough as it is. So I am just going to go with what you called me earlier… ‘Man’ was it?” I nodded my head, though I felt like I was simply doing it at the creature’s bidding, especially because he nodded along with me, “Good boy... well since we have agreed on my name I think that would be good if you could go ahead and tell me yours?” By now I had started to regain my composer slightly as spoke there was more of a calm tone in voice, “Charles… my name is Charles.”

“Well then Charles, it is nice to meet you. I am sorry about your step father, though he did kind of kill me.” The animal kept snickering like the whole thing was a joke and it was by this point that I could hold in my anger no longer, “You were dying you insane fuck! He was only trying to help, by giving you a quick and painless death!” It seemed the instant my voice was raised, Man’s entire mood changed as suddenly his grin went away, his eye started to bleed into the pupil making it blood red, and a deep demonic voice sounded out from the cat saying, “You will be silent you pitiful little human filth. Be glad you don’t lie on the floor with the other human cretin who had a hand in my demise. Though if you raise your voice and disrespect me like that one more time Charles and I swear I will eat you completely… while you are still alive.”

As suddenly as it came, the dark presence seemed to lift form the room around me, and I watched as Man returned to normal. Well at least what was considered normal for him… It looked back at me with that grin and simply said in a most curious voice, as though nothing had interrupted our conversation, “Really now Charles… you are calling me insane? You are the one who is talking to a cat. Not me, I am simply talking to a person. People can talk, but cats cannot… So who are they going to throw into the asylum Charles when you start telling them about a talking cat? It certainly won’t be me.” It stopped talking and its speech began to sink it before it suddenly spoke once again only this time it said, “Oh and I think you need to do something about the body… ” Realizing that the beast was right, and that I was indeed in a bad situation if mother came home and caught me like this with my step dad’s body. Quickly moving I reached out to grab the man’s shirt, but retracted back in disgust as I couldn’t believe what I was doing. “Well now Charles… go on… your mother will be home soon. It is just a dead body. I mean why don’t you just take him out back and throw him away… just like you did too me.” Man’s laughter seemed to take on a darker tone as I realized he had set me up. The beast had set me up…

The instant that thought crossed my head, it seemed as though reality decided that it was time to bring about some justice to the situation. The doorbell rang only once, and caused Man to jump down from the counter. The cat laughed, “Well come along now Charles… I believe we will need to get the door… Remember their life depends on withier or not you can convince them to leave.” I looked at him with a horrified look on my face as that evil grin spread across his features form ear, to missing ear and he said, “What is it silly boy? Did you think I was trying to frame you? Oh no my dear little Charles, I have far more delightful plans for you than to just let something happen to you now.” The way his voice changed into that demonic tone form before sent a shiver down my spine, especially when I look around the corner and realized the person who had arrived home… was mother.

My walk to the front door was slow, but sure as I dreaded what was quickly becoming inevitable, as the knocks on the front door became harder and harder. Hurrying to the door Man followed close behind me, his words held an ominous warning, “Remember Charles, either you take care of the bicth, or I will do this my way.” A soft gulp erupted from my throat, because I knew that the creature was the impossible form me, but I had to try. I had to save my mother form suffering my step father’s fate. Grabbing a new by blanket off the couch I did my best to clean the blood off my hands, as I slowly grabbed the knob and opened the door, forcing a smile across my face. My whole body shook with fear as I could feel Man walking around my ankles though not yet reveling himself to my mother, by staying behind the door, “Why hello Mom, what brings you back so soon?”

My question sounded like such a feeble attempt to keep her out of her own home. Smiling at me sweetly, though in the way that all mothers did when they knew something was bothering their children, “Well son can’t I come in?” I felt my voice being interrupted by that of cat as it said, “The bicth takes one step inside the house and she dies Charles.” I just stuttered slightly in agreement to the animal, “Uh huh.” Which caused my mom to ask, “Seriously Charles what is wrong with you? Please let me inside now because it is getting dark out.” I didn’t know what to do; my mind was at a complete stand still, because I knew that I could not tell her the truth. So I found myself reduced to begging, “Please Mom, just wait a few moments… Maybe we can come outside on the porch and talk?” She smiled at me, and I could tell that she could sense something was bothering me, and so reached out and patted me on the shoulder, “Alright son, come on outside to the swing.” With those words, a smile spread across my face as I realized that I had won, and that Man had lost. My mother would indeed be spared. Stepping over the threshold I moved to join her outside on the porch when I suddenly heard her exclaim, “Oh there is my cute little Fred… How is my baby doing?”

“Meow.” Was the only sound I heard after stepping out onto the porch, causing me to turn around. The sight of my mother crossing the threshold and entering the house to pick up the cat made me want to scream, though I found that I couldn’t, as the noise became stuck in my throat at the sight of my mother holding the cat. It just stared at me with a soft “Meow.” as though everything about it was normal. Something was extremely wrong. Man still looked the same as he had to me moments before, and that evil grin of his was plastered across his face. Yet as I watched, my mother just held the cat close to her chest like a small baby. She softly kissed the top of its head. Her lips touching the head wound as though it wasn’t even there, and her finger tips disappeared into holes form the shotgun blast that had killed the creature. Blood was being smeared on onto my mother’s face and hands as I watched in horror… wonder how she could not see Man, for what it truly was.

My words came out in a soft stutter, “Mom…” But I couldn’t say anything more, knowing I had failed her in the end. It was the sound of her footsteps closing the distance between us that caused me to look up, and into my mother’s eye as she rested a hand on the side of my face and asked, “Son what is wrong it seems like something is really bothering you today.” The blood on her hands was smear across my cheek as she touched me softly and I simply shook my head saying, “No mom, everything is just fine.” Sighing softly I began to calm down, wondering if maybe everything really would be fine. It was this feeling of calmness that caused me to turn and say to her, “Mom I love you.”
She smiled softly back at me and said, “I…” Yet her words though were simply cut off before she could even express anything, just as her mouth. Right before my eyes Man grin turned into a gaping maw that suddenly latched onto my mother’s open bottom jaw. The women began to scream as she pulled and pulled at the cat whose teeth continued to cut deeper into her lower jaw. I could hear the breaking of bone and tearing of flesh as blood poured down my mother’s shirt. By this point I wasn’t afraid of Man anymore, and I tried to move towards the two. Yet something held me in place. My entire body felt paralyzed by something that could not be explained, but recognized it as the force which had held me in my bed last night. I had to watch as my mother screamed and struggled with the animal which clung to her face, and suddenly it’s voice spoke in my head, “Well I think that is enough of her don’t you?”

With those words, Man pressed his paws into my mother’s chest and pushed back hard as he pounce away from her body, taking with him, her entire lower jaw. The blood form the wound scattered all over the floor, as I watched her body drop down to the ground. The full length of her tongue lay across the floor like a dead dark pink slug, as only her upper teeth remained attached to her skull. The force that had been holding in place finally let me go as I dropped down to the ground. Simply collapsing as the weight of the moment took any desire to continue right out of me. I laid there on the ground, the warm blood from my dead mother pooling around me as I stared off into the void in a state of shock. Off in the distance though, I could hear a strange noise, which kept repeating itself. It was a hard crunching sound that just kept repeating over and over again. I wasn’t stupid though, I knew exactly what it was. It was that infernal cat chewing on the flesh and bone it had liberated so forcefully from my mother’s face… that creature which had taken everything from me.

I had to destroy it no matter what the cost, and despite its threats form earlier I no longer had anything left to lose in trying, in what was sure to be a suicidal endeavor. I moved as quickly as I could reaching out and grabbing form the nearby fireplace one of the poker irons that it contained on its rack. Standing up I quickly made my move to strike down and kill the animal while it was distracted with its meal. Suddenly though I found myself paralyzed in mid strike, my hand raised with the poker clenched in my fist as a familiar voice spoke again, “Naughty naughty Charles. Little boys shouldn’t play with grown up toys…” As the cat spoke it turned around to look at me, and like before in the kitchen, its whole demeanor began to change, with its one eye becoming as red as the color of blood, “…somebody could get hurt, especially silly little humans.” With those words a deep dark laugh rumbled through the house, though it sounded like came from everywhere around me instead of just the cat. The laughter continued on and on, as I felt myself being broken down. My feelings of courage that I had mustered only moments earlier were completely shatter by the ominous nature of Man’s shifting personalities.
It seemed that just as quickly as it had begun, everything just went eerily silent. There was not a single sound. For a moment I began to wonder if my hearing had been lost. My movement had been restored, but there was not a single sound. The quite in the dark house created such a fear in me that I almost bolted to my bedroom, and it was only Man’s breaking of the silence that stopped me, “Now then Charles. It seems that we have had a busy day getting to know each other. I think it would be best if you headed on up to bed, and went to sleep. We have a busy tomorrow to. I will be watching you from the shadows boy, so don’t try anything silly ok?” With those words the cat walked in the direction of the basement and disappeared through the door and into the darkness within. It was only now that I felt like I completely had control of my facilities again, and yet strangely enough my first instinct was not to obey, or to run in hide in my room, no it was something else… curiosity.

I realized in that moment that in the darkness that Man had disappeared into, something was there. There was something in the darkness hiding and waiting. It stood there staring at me, as though inviting me, and daring me to come and join it. I stared into the abyss of the basement entrance, trying to make out its shape. No details were reveled to my eyes form that blackness, but what I could see to this day I will never forget. As my eyes began more adjusted though, more details became available… yet even before these could become fully clear… I was quickly shown I was looking at an insanity of which I did not want to view more.
Out of the darkness shot a large muscular hand that gripped the right side door frame. Its strength began to cause cracks to form in the door. The details of the sight were burned into my memory forever… the hand itself was colored black, and was covered in a thin layer of this extremely dark orange fur. Its finger tips ended in claw like nails that produced blood from the door frame were they touched. Suddenly out of that blackness a larger version of Man’s single eye in its blood red form appeared and that deep demonic voice said, “I told you to sleep human!” Just as these words were spoken I felt a strange sense of dizziness come over me, as I fell back and landed in the pool of my mother’s blood. As my body was dragged into the realm of unconscious, Man’s voice spoke to me in that more impish tone saying, “Don’t worry Charles. When you wake, I will set to work making all your dreams come true.” With those words floating in my head, I suddenly passed out.


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Seriously, dude.

This was really awesome...
That's redick!

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I really enjoyed this.

I really enjoyed this.