Coming Out Ideas.... Again & Children books

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first off i realized i got the abbreviation wrong i won't be B.U.G (Bisexual until Graduation) i be a S.U.G (Straight until Graduation).

my plan is after im done with high school ill unfriend my mum & brother then ban them from my Facebook then announce that i am Bi to my friends, my mum & brother don't know and im safely in a top secret location aka where im going after high school.

good plan i think.

secondly, i think i should write childrens books i mean listen to these:

"jack do you have anymore of those beans"

"a String fellow? Didn't you know
ill tell you about the String fellows
it has tanned leather skin
a massive libido
bad 80's hair
and a grin like paedo"

"this little piggie stayed at home
this little piggie went to the market
and this little piggie went cough, cough, cough and died horribly of swine flu"

"lets learn the alphabet, A is for Adopted like you"

"and as Eor put the noose around his neck"

"'yes, yes grandma what a big tv screen ya's got' said little red riding hoodie"

"'who's been sleeping in my bed?' said daddy bear 'well' said mummy bear 'its been your brother Ryan and hes a much better shag than you are'"

"i want to go to Newcastle, thats were the wild things are"

"once apun a time in a far off land there was an old prince named elph"

"the Railway children testiculated wildly at the driver 'you've left us behind you wanker'"

"'o'dear' said postman pat 'ive just had sex with my cat Jess i should have gone to Specsavers'"

"so Emily learned if she had just been a nicer little girl mummy and daddy would never have had a divource"


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I want to hear the one about the old prince named Elph!

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now i shall right it

you should talk all the talk in a poets style