Double View

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I have a problem. Its petty, but its one.
A few weeks ago i was in London for a couple weekend to go see my brother and his new flat with his new flatmates. One of them was called let's say Speck and i felt i really got on well with him somewhat well in the times i had a conversation with him. I didn't spend loads of time with him, mainly just in the evening, but i really thought he was a cool dude and all. So like a couple days ago i realised he had Facebook and promptly sent a friend request. And he still has not got back to me.

It does not seem such a big deal but to me it is. Because if he cant even accept me on a facebook, what does he really think of me? Does he secretly not like me. This is what I find annoying about facebook, is that you meet somebody you think is really cool and then when they don't even decide to add you, it suddenly makes your friendship with them become a whole lot more awkward. The guy managed to add my other brother who he has seen just the same amount of time and I know he is active on the site. Looking back on what i wrote it looks pretty whiney, but hey its the truth and I don't know what to do. I just cant help wondering why he didn't do it, when I thought we got on well


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maybe he just hasn't logged in yet

you should talk all the talk in a poets style