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So I haven't been on here in a long time so I'm going to try and make this shorter than it would be. Lol. Well my first year at university is almost over and its been fun. I gave a guy my number, his name was James, nothing really came out from it but i tried. Passed all my courses and learned Spanish my first semester, well part 1 and 2 Spanish. Now I need to learn part 3 and 4. Second semester went well too. I've had a chance to mke some great friends, and find new male interests. A guy I find majorly hot is Marcel, he's in my politics class. Idk about him but I'm going to try and find out.
The friends I've made this year, just might be for life. There have been a few suprises too, like how many guys in and around my town are gay! It's nice to meet people like me and people who understand even if they're straight.
All I have to say is that this year hope was given to the hopeless, even if im not totally "happy" I can deal knowing I have people around to watch my back


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I remember you :]

Glad to see things are lookin' up :D
That's redick!

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Welcome back...

Hmm, it's college, not sure you need to be as Jane Austen about your pursuits here. Easiest way to learn about Marcel is talking to Marcel, or better yet, drunk Marcel.

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Haha I remember you too Dracofangxxx and thank you.

Jeff don't go giving me ideas now. Ahaha. The thing is, thats what I've been debating for awhile now. I mean the dude is always at the pub after politics. And thanks for the comment, I never thought about it as being Jane Austen like. lol.