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Ah, the rain.
Is there anything finer?

Basically, by a good measure my most interesting experience today, was I was looking out the window, and it was raining outside.
Fucking love the rain, it's so comforting to me, so nice.
But so, I'm standing there looking out at it, and I was thinking you know, one of the nice things about modern society is that you can get wet and cold, and be able to swiftly dry off and warm up...
I fucking love the rain, and here I am inside doing nothing, watching it

I took off my robe and shirt and shit and went outside and jumped on the trampoline in my boxers, in the rain...
I probably would've taken those off too, but I heard a story once about a guy who was arrested for public indecency when a neighbor saw him mowing his lawn naked in his backyard.
Frankly, I'd hate anyone that would look into someone's backyard, see that they're naked, and decide that's so offensive they have to call the police and get them arrested, but you can't take chances.

So I did it in my boxers, and got all wet and cold, then came back inside.

This, I think everyone needs to see it. Perhaps, I think, looking at the Hubble Deep Field had me thinking the universe was emptier than it is, but just look at this, look at this shit! There's thousands and thousands of galaxies, and in each of those galaxies, there's billions or hundreds of billions of planets and stars and shit, it's like FUCK.
I'll never understand it. But I can try.

I wanted to briefly touch on something I just mentioned in my last journal, mens rea latin for "guilty mind", is a legal term referring to if the defendant knew they were doing something wrong.
I think we should take this into account when we have people in the legal system.
That's one of the things that bothers me the most about Dharun Ravi and Tyler Clementi.
I think we should try to take into effect mens rea here. Basically, I don't think Ravi, well, I mean, of COURSE he did or at least totally should have known he was doing something wrong, but like in the way harassing someone is, but isn't necessarily illegal. So I just don't think he had the knowledge that he was committing and illegal act, and I'm not sure he even totally should have. We can never, never absolutely predict the outcomes of our actions, the world's just too complex.
And so had Clementi not killed himself, and the Twitter posts and likewise were found out about, Ravi would have gotten, I dunno, some sort of scholastic punishment, maybe a suspension or something.
But I very much doubt he would have been charged and convicted of anything.
But Clementi killed himself, which I'm not sure is something Ravi necessarily should have been able to predict, and it was only for that reason that Ravi was tried and found guilty.
Basically, I don't think he had, nor would be negligent in not having, the knowledge he was doing something illegal, which makes me suspect that he's not a dangerous guy, really, and I don't think his conviction will be a huge deterrence, either...
But I dunno, he definitely should have taken the community service, so it's still very hard to pity him.

Ah, but I checked his Wikipedia page, he said he still wouldn't've accepted the plea deal, even now.

Oh, one quick thing to, I read a story in the newspaper a week ago or so that I hated.
It was about this bitch who won a beauty contest or something here in Seattle, but apparently was still pining for her Arizona homeland, cause she left some Twitter posts something like "ugh, I hate Seattle and the rain and the people, just take me back to az!".
Then, 3 months after the fact, some woman with some big blog or other takes them and posts them and writes a story about them, and then this newspaper article goes all about into this girl and how she should learn from this a very important lesson about the Internet and shit...
And I was thinking, like, first, I really, really don't care what this girl who's quasi-famous for nothing other than being born pretty, thinks about the state I live in. She loves it, great, she hates it, bitches be bitches.

Then second, I hate that someone would take these fucking 3 month old Twitter posts and go all "waaaaah she hates Seattle! WAAAAAHHHH".
Like, honestly, there were no good guys in that story, all there was was bitching and stupidity on both sides.


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The Ravi thing is the same problem with all hate crime legislation, really, since it is basically trying to punish what they believe is going on in your head.

Same with Trayvon, they are trying to make Zimmerman a racist. Well, maybe he was, but you have a dead kid. Why not solve a murder instead of a thought crime?

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (http://youtu.be/Z0FrcTX6hWI)

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A welcomed surprise...

These same thoughts are circulating in my mind as well!

Justice and appropriate retribution(?) seem so elusive in societies... all of them!

On the problem of making the punishment fit the crime, see:


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My assessment of Ravi:

What I see is extreme immaturity... and the arrogance that it engenders!

I do not feel he either expected or wanted Tyler to take his own life.

I do "think," however, that he wanted him to be the butt of a "joke:" Humiliated and embarrassed!

Pursuing this objective was Ravi's crime!

Ravi's immaturity is revealed so clearly in this comment of yours (inspired via Wikipedia):

"Ah, but I checked his Wikipedia page, he said he still wouldn't've accepted the plea deal, even now."


Let there be no doubt... I mourn all such losses of teens who possessed so many yet-unrealized attributes: Tyler, Jamie...

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The one woman was probably homesick and she's attacked for sharing it? That's when you know you're too fucking regionalist. "EVERYBODY HAS TO LIKE WASHINGTON OR THEY'RE EVIL AND IMMORAL!" Most people here hate Maryland, and they've lived here their entire lives. NO BIG FUCKING DEAL! IT'S OPINION!

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i agree

i was called a twat because before i moved to Haddington but after i left Haddington i lived in a small town called Douglas i liked it their it was all small and welcoming in and my crushes were there.
and the Glasgow Highschool i would have weant to made it all better.
you should talk all the talk in a poets style