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Have been a bit giggly all day despite its being Friday, my worst day schedulewise.
Probably has something to do with staying up late last night watching Horrible Histories with Leah and giggling endlessly. Partly because it's funny and mostly because Mat Baynton.

Sometimes it's fun to be a girl. Only girls get to stay up late into the night giggling.

Quite a good distraction from the whole Jenna thing, and whatever else needs distracting from, like the brilliantly depressing downer that is A Streetcar Named Desire, which Leah and I went to see last night...
Also a good distraction from, y'know, school and stuff, but I think I did okay on my chemistry test regardless...

Mat Baynton is ridiculously pretty.
Tee hee hee.


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You should write a very creepy story

with the same title as this journal, just to mislead the reader.
Horrible Histories can't be as funny as An Idiot Abroad.

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Have you seen it?

Eh. Probably just depends on your sense of humor. I find it at least as funny. Plus Mat Baynton.
Someday I'm sure to look back and be super embarrassed about obsessing over him, but for now I'll just enjoy it. Tee hee hee.

You go ahead and write a very creepy story; I don't want to.

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Pfft I've spent many nights

Pfft I've spent many nights up late giggling with male friends, both gay and straight. :D
Bawww Streetcar. It's simultaneously so fabulous and so upsetting. it can also be adapted for litterally any academic essay question, as proven by my high school English teacher.

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Guess I need to find some giggly male friends.
Or any male friends, for that matter...
Jenna was my only one, but according to her she's not even a guy, so....

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I like to giggle, too

I like to giggle, too

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Although... my suspicion does not stem...

...from any personal experience, I'd readily bet a quite large sum that there's at least one other Oasie (male type) who so indulges!

Could you post a sample of yours?