Hot guys all over my school and one of them looked like the one from my first post

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So today in school there was a sports cup and didn't do anything all day except for painting a wall in the arts classroom, watch hot guys from other schools (there was a lot of hot guys!) played some ask question game with some friends and the questions were like this:
Q:"would you put tits for oral sex or make your ass bigger for anal?"
A: "ass, because I don't have any and I can't imagine myself with tits!"
Q: "who from our class would you fuck and why? And it's only guys!"
A: "(inserts name of the hottest guy from their class) because he seems nice, he is hot, and the other guys from your class are ugly and bitchy!".

Hit some friend with a plastic bottle In the face, I saw some guy who looked like the guy in Argentina at the train station, stared at me for a couple of seconds and made eye contact (damn! I wished the eye contact would had been longer!), he was gorgeous, beautiful, strong and sexy!. Then Nico was staring at me while I was looking for a guy behind him. Some friend was hitting on a girl, called her a whore and she got really mad with him.
In the last match of football when it was over, the hot guy that I had told in the last question, took off his shirt and I was really melting inside!


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Tits for oral sex?... that

Tits for oral sex?... that makes no fucking sense...

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I know!


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i can explain

the dick goes inbetween the tits and into the mouth sucking and moving the tits with the persons hands
you should talk all the talk in a poets style