In die Lente

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Feeling the breeze run through the old shaky house. Open windows acting as vents and rooms and halls as ventilation shafts. Doors slam furiously and curtains blow carelessly outward then in. The sparrow's nest by my window remains, the new birds have indeed hatched and have had their first taste of music from my open window. Don't worry, they're above it.

The leaves start to grow back on the tree in a symbolic rebirth of what was once something dormant and almost appearing to be dead. Yes the birds and insects are freely roaming and enjoying the new weather. People flying their kites and people walking about on the sidewalks. No there are no more of the dreary days to last for weeks on end (at least for now).

Blue skys during the days, clear skies that open up to the Heavens in the night. To observe from a telescope and admire the vast array that makes us question, makes us curious. As we see a world beyond comprehension, it is not that of what we know, it is more, more than we may ever know. Stars light bright and the patterns they're abundant.

In the garden there's a little garlic plant I've decided to grow, it seems to flourish in the beautiful weather. It seems content in that little pot I let it live in. It seems almost happy in it's light green sprout that gathers the Sun's light. A little dribble of water for it here and there usually perks it if it needs it. It seems delighted.

The Sun's light is always welcome shining through the windows, it makes me happy. When it is absent I seem to almost whither just like a plant, being deprived of such an invaluable resource required by all. But now the days appear to be longer thanks to the saving of the day's light. Just a wind here and there keeps the old wrist-watch ticking.

Maybe someday someone may enjoy Spring as much as I. And then maybe there would be two to enjoy Spring together.


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This is very pretty.

Thanks for reminding us.