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I haven’t posted in a while and I thought it nice to update on here. For those who don’t know me, I’m Jack. I’m an amateur stand up comedian with regular shows as well wherever they’ll hire me or if the cause is good…I’ll just do it for free since at this point of my life it’s more like a passion with a convenient pay rather than an actual job per se.

Things are slowing down between James and I but we’re still very happy. We HAVE moved on to actual sex, though no technical penetration has occurred. We’ve kept it to oral sex and any other way we can just fool around. He’s a very passionate guy, kisses are long and sweet with the wonderful after-taste of peach flavored chap stick.

My birthday is coming up on the thirtieth, a little over a week from today. I’m not sure what to make of it actually…I’ll be eighteen but I have no idea what that’ll change for me if anything. I’ll be allowed to buy tobacco but that won’t help me much since I don’t smoke. I could buy smokes for my dad but that’ll be more of a perk for him in his lazy spells than for me in the long run of life.

I did however receive an early birthday present. James bought me a metal pin with a skull, a royal flush in poker behind him, and a cowboy hat on his head. I love it! I put it on my hat and wore it to our next date and he couldn’t help but look at it. When I asked him why, he told me “It’s so cute. I love your hat, it’s just adorable that you wear a cowboy hat. And now a piece of me is on it.” I couldn’t help but laugh but I did take it in a serious sense too. He has a right to feel like a part of me because in all truth he really is a part of me now. He’s my first sexual experience, my first REAL kiss, and the first guy I’ve dated since I don’t know when.

I’m setting up a party to celebrate my birthday and I’m inviting James so he can meet some of my family and a few friends. He deserves to see all the parts of my life if he’s such a big part of it.

Also, he said something hilarious the first time we did anything sexual. He said “Jack, you will always have a place in the heart of my bottom. I mean! The bottom of my heart.”

I almost fell off the bed.

Is there ever a better way to please a comedian than an after sex joke?


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You're turning eighteen?

You're turning eighteen? Huh. For some odd reason, I always thought you were a bit older. Silly me.

Anywho, I'm happy for you and James. You might've told us this before, but I can't remember...do your parents know you're gay and dating him?

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My parents are very aware of my sexuality. Of course my coming out happened in a southern christian family so it WAS rough and edgy in the beginning but they've come to realize that the world isn't the same as it was, and although there are still challenged everyday with my sexuality, them and myself both see how things are easier than they were back when they were teenagers.

They know i have a relationship with James, but they've never met him. This is another reason i'm looking forward to my party where both my family and close friends can come together and be introduced to James.

Wish me luck!

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Don't forget...

You can also join the military at 18! They *love* funny guys there...

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I thought you were older, too. Like, not more than a year younger than me.... I feel kind of old now, comparatively.