lists make life seem more manageable

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Goals for the week

Find other ways to deal with constant mygrane/watering eyes/nausia/exhaustion because the doctor can't see you for a month and you can not keep doing this
Act more happy so people stop asking awkward questions.
Update your profile and put up a pic on okcupid; wish really hard
Write a 3000 word essay about england before tomorrow night
Jesus fuck conference everything. Continue to flail at people until you have a confirmed space; email all the people; look for online ticket service that doesn't cost an arm and a leg; set up planning meeting somewhere after AGM and your birthday; scream into a pillow.
Seriously consider the fact that your life after graduation will likely be alarmingly similar to the protagonist in Shoplifting From American Apparrel. Laugh hysterically. Cry.
Wait for grades from England. Wait for decision on video game course. you are zen. you are a motherfucking leaf on the wind, so what if it's taking them forever and a day.
Apply for the summer internship.
...find out what the summer internship actually entails, including where/who you'll be working for, what you'll be doing.

*deep breath* Life is hard; all I want to do is sleep.

Things accomplished:
A- on modernism essay
Going to class regularly.
Designed and coded call for pannelists page for conference, spent two and a half hours working on conference planning last night.
Have been checking my email every day.
Working on laundrey.
Initiated conversations with new girl at queer discussion group and British guy in modernism class.
Booked doctors appointment.
Applied for video game class.