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I've been really lost since my last journal and it's because my dad took away the Internet in all the house. This week I started to flirt with Andy, but he kinda looks like if he got a crush on some friend, Realized that Nico got a crush on some friend (the one I think Andy got a crush on!). Final exams started and I'm going to the beach with some friends on spring break and that's all!


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you do your final exams when your 14?

thats pretty young
you should talk all the talk in a poets style

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I have to do

Final exams every year 4 times!

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That internet story?

Why? Now resolved?

So... both Andy and Nico are crushing on the same boy (boy being an assumption)... and that boy is not you?

What does he have to offer? :)

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The internet story

Happened on last week on saturday with my parents fighting, fighting with my sister and me, disconnected the Internet and my house was like hell! Yesterday that I came home from a 3 day study weekend it was on!

Nico's crush or maybe girlfriend was the girl that I used to flirt to make Nico jealous and Andy don't have a crush in her! :D

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Sorry... jumped to wrong conclusion!

So... you still consider both Nico and Andy to be your friends... but without benefits! Do I have that right?

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It doesn't matter!

I consider Andy my crush and Nico a random guy in my class!