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So I've been well except for my heart lately. It's been skipping beats more often than it used to. So I figure I'll just get that checked out and my lymphnodes are still going. But I'm not it severe pain or whatever so I'm ok for right now. Anyway, not much. And I think I'm going to be really good with this new chapter in Algebra, however...

I'm going to fail in my other class due to the group being glued together of drug addicts and professional slackers. But I'll figure something out. College! It's cool. Until next time all, be sure to let me know how you're doing in the comments. I'll check them from my Droid. :-)


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An occasional skipped beat... considered to be quite normal. It's a far greater cause for concern if the beat shows no variation at all (often noted when death is imminent)!

You didn't take algebra in high school?

If your associates are a bad influence... what would an intelligent guy do?

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To #1. I haven't treated my body right for sometime. Greasy foods and not very many healthy things may play a part. I'm concerned because sometimes I do feel a pain in it, then when the heart skips a beat it sometimes does it two times in one day then is normal for the rest of the week.

It scares me, I even remember my heart used to feel like it was being constricted and I'd pound on my chest to knock it out of whatever was happening. Praise be to God that doesn't happen anymore. Been 5-6 years since that last happened. Maybe a skipped beat is normal, I'm not a cardiologist. Best I go for a two-fer when I get my lymphnodes seen.

#2. Yes I did take Algebra in high school. But I was terrible at it. And it was to be expected since I've been having significant problems in math since the 5th grade.

#3. Well to be honest Elph, it's too late to switch members out in groups. And I'm not sure what an intelligent guy would do. But I think I would team up with the only partner out of the other five and complete the whole project to save our grades. Semester grades. There's no way anyone else would be on board anyway.

Plus their first idea for something to be marketed by our mock company were rolling machines for tobacco and non-tobacco related products. Very good sketches and things but we can do better than that.

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My chest does that too...

I get frequent pains in my chest. Heartburn and anxiety attacks feel similar, if not the same, to heart attacks. Sad, but true.

So if you're not DYING after them, sounds like you're fine... just mention it on your next doctor visit for whatever reason... But don't PANIC or you're gonna have MORE anxiety attacks??!!
I'm really not suprised you're having them, what with your hypochondriac tendencies ;)
That's redick!