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From what I've seen, this is pretty sad. From what I know about the case, Dharun is certainly quite a bit of a dick, and I doubt I'd like the guy, but I don't think 10 years in prison is exactly the thing for him...
That's pretty harsh.

I can't know, but I think Tyler Clementi was just a bit of an eccentric kid who committed suicide for private reasons.
Maybe the Twitter thing was sort of the trigger for it, but it was sorta only the cause in the way the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was the cause of WW1. Yeah, it started it, but the factors had been building up for a long time, and if that hadn't started it, something else would've.
I mean, if being outed in public is grounds for suicide, I should've killed myself a few years ago. It's not just life's going good, then outed on Twitter, then a few days later kill yourself.

So, really, I think they should've let Ravi go, I'm sure his last year or so in court has been most humbling and lesson-inspiring.

Although, if I was him, I certainly would've taken the 600 hours of community service plea deal. In a heartbeat.
His lawyer said he didn't accept it "because he's innocent", and it's a matter of principle, but frankly I would've said fuck that bullshit, I don't give a fuck whether I did it or not, if it keeps me out of prison, I'll do it.

So yeah, he definitely should've taken that plea deal.

Not much interesting... Sitting around this weekend. It's snowing out now, it might not be school tomorrow.
That doesn't really thrill me that much, I don't mind school really at all. I mean, the rest of my life has recently become so pointless, the time to hang out with my friends is wonderful, really.
And it's so fucking easy, man.

Sometimes I think about how easy school is, and probably if they put the thumbscrews to us a little harder, maybe how much better the country would be, there'd be so fewer Republicans...
A boy can wish, can't he?

Anyway, night guys.


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time to hang out with friends...

yeeeeeet we plan shit and you don't even ask?

Cool story, bro. Nice to know I'm part of that circle.
That's redick!

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I'm so soooooooorry

I'm just such an apathetic douchebag...
I swear, when I can drive, I'll be able to go to your house so easily all the time, I swear.

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Yeah, whatever.

Then you were ballsy enough to ask ME if I wanted to go do the OTHER plans you made instead of, like, the ones we ~originally~ had?

That's redick!

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I am really sorry about that. There's not a whole lot else I can say, you live a ways away, so my mum doesn't always wanna drive me.

But I am really really sorry, I swear I'll come visit you sometime. It'll be easier when I can drive myself :P

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I think I agree with you...

...on the Dharun Ravi verdict: It really is not justice that's being served...

He should have been charged in isolation of how his actions (and likely the actions of others) may have combined such that in a rash moment of emotional despair to nudge Tyler Clementi to take such regrettable action. I mourn the loss of such a promising young man... but...

No doubt about it: Ravi did behave in a very immature and hurtful way --- he knowingly invaded the most private life of his roommate; he was arrogant and privileged. I probably could never have actually "liked" him; but --- in my eyes --- the verdict does not fit the crime!

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How could he be charged in isolation of the effects of his actions? Without the death, there would be no charges. He wasn't charged with murder or manslaughter, he was charged with covering up his role in things and misleading authorities. Without Tyler's suicide, he wouldn't have done those things AND if he was innocent in re: the suicide, why delete them?

Also, 10 years is the maximum sentence. I know from covering trials that everyone confuses the maximum sentence with the actual sentence, but there's no telling what the *actual* sentence will be. It only means that there are recommended sentences for each of his charges and, when added up, they equal 10 years. Unless there are mandatory minimums, which usually only exist in drug cases, a judge could give him no prison time. Not to mention, he will likely serve less than half of whatever prison sentence he gets anyway, which will likely be far less than 10 years.

I think the case sends a good message, that bullying isn't just something you can necessarily get away with. Of course, how to get that knowledge into the pea brains and closeted paranoia (in some cases) of bullies in the first place, remains the bigger problem.

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A good message: No disagreement there!

Ravi was clearly rattled and he did a number of things of a criminal nature (e.g., tampering with evidence).

There is no argument from me that he shouldn't be charged, found guilty, and sentenced!

Where I'm ill-at-ease: all of the preceding would have warranted criminal prosecution even in the absence of Clementi's suicide!

Yes... Ravi was neither nice nor very smart. His behavior was reprehensible... and should be found guilty. But I'm uncomfortable (meaning: I really don't know!) with a sentence that may be compounded by the suicide.

Did the suicide qualify under the nebulous category of a hate crime? This classification is often much too subjective to be made a part of law!

At this time there is no hint suggesting what the actual sentence may be. Whatever it is, it will likely be appealed... and who knows whether justice will ultimately be served or not.

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"Where I'm ill-at-ease: all of the preceding would have warranted criminal prosecution even in the absence of Clementi's suicide!"

How so? The fact that a chain of events ended in a suicide is where the charges begin. Without the death, there is no case.

I mean, I deleted a post on Twitter the other day. No one cares.

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Unresolvable impasse!

Neither benefits by further bickering...

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I actually don't like bickering, I just don't understand your point. If there was no suicide, this would have been handled by the campus RAs and law enforcement would never be involved. But I'm trying to sort out how to separate these charges from Clementi's suicide, as you suggested, since I don't see how they would ever exist without it.

A good article on the case:

"You can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks" - Dawes, When My Time Comes (