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Came out to one of my friends Friday. We went to this really awesome train bridge across the river, walked on the tracks and beneath them, a hundred feet above the water. He brought his camera (he's really into photography) and took a bunch of pictures. He told me that a girl in his math class was talking about how she thinks I'm bi. I told him she's close, but I'm actually completely gay. He took it really well. But I have a feeling he'll tell some of our friends. Oh well. He won't do it out of spite. I know that.

Brittany drove me home Friday because of the shitty weather. It would've been just the two of us, but I had to bring my bro friend from the above paragraph with me so we could go to the river. It was great. She showed me some of her comics that she draws. So adorable. She's supposed to bring some of her poetry tomorrow, so I'm hoping for that. We'll probably hang out sometime soon. I can't believe how much progress has been made in such little time.

I'm working on a poem about my dad right now. I'm kinda struggling with it, because we have such a long history. I really wanna finish it tonight so I can bring it to Brittany tomorrow, but I know I shouldn't let the thought of her pressure me. I just want to show her my life through my writing. I'll finish when I finish it, I suppose.

That's really all I wanted to say. I just think it's so odd how it was easy for me to tell my bro friend I'm gay. That's a really good sign. And it's also odd how fast Brittany and I have been getting acquainted with each other. So things are really looking up for me :)


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I can relate.

The first person I came out to was the most untrustworthy person ever. She tells everybody everything. I didn't care, though.

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I wouldn't call it being

I wouldn't call it being untrustworthy, but there are two people he tells EVERYTHING to, both of which are in our little circle of friends, so we should be fine. I've been trying to get hints from these two people if they've been told or not, but either he hasn't told, or they're just really accepting and don't feel the need to act differently around me.