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My God, I just realized, isn't Hitler like the man most associated with one thing, more than anyone else ever?

Him and his mustache.

Too bad for the people who liked toothbrush mustaches before Hitler had one... Charlie Chaplain...

I mean, of course, not to glorify Hitler, he was a pretty twisted fuck, but there's been plenty of twisted fucks in our long and illustrious history of twisted fuckery.
Genghis Khan, for one.
Or Vlad the Impaler, for another. I mean, his name is the Impaler, how is he not associated with pure evil and twisted fuckery? He'd stick big pointed posts up people's asses and stand them up, and then the post would slowly go up their ass, and then through their organs and coming out of their neck. He had his land decorated with fields of these posts of impaled people. And he'd make families drink the blood of their kinsmen hanging on the posts, and have lunch among the bodies.
I mean, talk about sadism.

Or shit, Genghis Khan. Pretty fucking awesome, frankly, I mean, but brutal, too. Basically give me your unconditional surrender or I'll kill you and all your people and all their families and destroy their houses... Because I can. Bitch and you'd have to, or he'd rape you.

Or Goebbels, Hitler's right hand man. I'd say he was worse. I mean, Hitler was just angry and stupid. Goebbels was smart and devious.
It makes him more evil, that way, I think.

Is it because Hitler had more resources and force to enforce his twisted fuckery over a larger area, and was more visible than people like Goebbels, and more recent than people like Genghis Khan?
Or, is it indeed because of his mustache that was so distinctive, they both bound each other into infamy?

Well if the purpose of life is to be remembered, Hitler did that and then some. Just put a square of black on someone's lip and the connotation will be immediate and obvious.

I mean, really, I'm reading a book about Enron right now, and Andy Fastow seems to me to be pretty evil... If you know anything about him, yeah. He's bad.
I mean, if we were going to Dante's Inferno here, I think Mr. Fastow here would get a lower level than Hitler.
The lowest level of hell is Judecca, or traitors to your benefactors.
Andy Fastow no doubt did that, and I don't think Hitler ever betrayed his Nazi friends...
So therefore...


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I think he gets more cred, since he was the most recent, not that he was necessarily the worst, and that some of the people who escaped the Holocaust or just lived through it are still alive.

Btw, I would hope you're seeing Roger Waters do The Wall Live?

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Hitler definitely betrayed some of his nazi friends.

Hell, in the early years, he had the commander of the SA, his right hand man below, or at least next to, Goebbels, killed and has family killed as well.

Hitler was definitely the most atrocious in recent history because of how mechanized his methods were during the final solution to the 'jewish problem', however in more recent years, equally evil men have slaughtered millions. Look at the conflict between the Bosnians and the Serbs in the early 90's, and their ethnic cleansing there, look at the Rwandan Genocide, hell, look at this damn Kony guy that people are all afire about on facebook these days.

All of them are just as, if not more atrocious as Hitler and Goebbels, and then there's always the CEO's of mega corps like Enron, some of whom were in bed with the last president and vice president cheney politically and financially. People are almost always ruled by their self interests.

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