Poetry Dump (instead of an actual entry...)

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(lyrics by Nano until I write my own…)
(Nano's version -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuJt14kDP8I&feature=related)

ローリンガール (Rolling Girl)

I don’t understand. What is it all?
Why am I here? Is there anything?

“Lonely girl alone inside her head.
Her dreams slip through her fingers again.”

“Thoughts collide as she turns inside her bed.
Clawing ‘round and around. Clawing ‘round and around.”

“I’ll be fine. She whispers in her sleep.
The words are drowned inside of her pain.”

I can’t do this…
I won’t find bliss…

“Failure again, failure again.
Looking for ways but lost in a haze of
endless rolling days.”

Why can’t I?

“One more time, one more time.
I am gonna roll just one more time.”

“A voice in her head, a voice in her head,
screaming all the words that were left unsaid!”

Why can’t I please everyone?

“Will it never end?”
“It may never end.”

I set the knife down.
I need time to think.

“Nobody can tell what’s lying ahead.”
“So let me take your breath away.”

I wish I knew.
What is happening?
Isn’t someone there?
Someone to help me?

“Lonely girl, an endless road ahead.
The days just blend, the colours intwine.”
“She sees the signs, but they pass her by again”
“Fading like a mirage, fading like a mirage.”

“I’ll be fine.”
“She whispers in her wake.”
“The words are lost inside of her brain.”

The knife beckons.
I grasp it again.
I hold it close to my wrist.

“This is your chance so take it or leave it.”

I could
let go…..

“The only real failure is giving up here now”
‘Even before I’ve tried….’

The knife hits the wall.

“One more time, one more time.”
“She begs to be rolled just one more time.”

“I can’t be done yet, can’t be done yet.”
“Soundless are the words that were left unsaid!”

“Will it never end?”

“All in good time.”

“The tunnel in your head is nearing the end.”
“So hold your breath just one last time now…”

“One last time, one last time.”
“I am gonna roll just one last time.”

“A voice in her head. A voice in her head”
laughing out all the words that were finally said!”

“Will it never end?”
“This will be the end?”

“All the misery will pay off in the end.”
“So take just one last breath and.”

I look up and whisper
‘Thank You.’

“Let Go..”