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I was just reading this post where people from all over were invited to air their views on homosexuality on twitter, and of course there were a whole load of homophobic comments. But a trend that was easily noticeable, was that a lot of people were completely against men being gay, but were fine with women being gay. What is up with that??


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that's an easy one...

Men, sometimes even gay men, are turned on by the woman on woman fantasy. For some reason, it is more societally acceptable because two women having sex or kissing is viewed by most as hot, and extremely sexy...Just another one of those dumb double standards we live by today, but c'mon man, get with it. all Dykes are hot!


also, almost all men have that girl on girl fantasy. So girls often exploit that with their friends as a way of getting attention from guys...taunting them with offers of seeing girl on girl makeout sessions, or even participating with two girls in bed, a male fantasy that most straight men share.

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Two guys kissing is

Two guys kissing is ridiculously hot, I reckon a lot of girls wouldn't admit it though.

The bit with girls getting attention from guys through kissing another girl is spot on. I'd go one further and say that because of this, perhaps female homosexuality isn't taken as seriously, if the next day they're going out with guys.

Women can explore their sexuality openly and there not be an assumption that they're gay. At the point where a guy is kissing another guy in public, then he's automatically labelled. Maybe guys therefore are more reserved about displaying affection, and people don't see it as often, making it a 'problem' when they do.
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True about straight men finding lesbian behavior hot.
But many women are into guy-on-guy, and you don't see them hating on lesbians.

So... maybe it has to do with the way most people are a little bit bisexual, but that it's more socially acceptable for women to be affectionate with other women than for men to be affectionate with men.
Like how girls can hold hands and share beds and so forth without being seen as gay, that's just what girls do. Straight (meaning, usually, only mostly straight) girls can touch each other all they want - not always for attention, often just because they like it. So lesbians just look like a natural (and sexy) extension of 'just what girls do.'
Whereas guys can barely hug each other while preserving the illusion of complete heterosexuality - even though they presumably have all the mildly bisexual tendencies that girls have, they can't express them.

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Yeah I sort of figured with

Yeah I sort of figured with the whole 'fantasy' thing, but then these were fathers saying "If my daughter was gay then that's alright, but if my son were gay, God help him" sort of stuff. So I thought since it's a father thing it may not be about fantasies...
I think it's the fact that girls are generally closer and can hug and stuff and that's seen as normal, and guys are immediately labelled as gay....

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I think

It's this fucking stupid idea of masculinity.

Most of a guys life is usually trying to prove how much of a "man" he is, how big of balls he's got. That's why girls, it's like, who cares what they do? When it's girl on girl, then it's hot.
But part of the whole masculinity thing, along with things like liking football, and seeing how much you can max benchpress, is you have to like girls.

Guys feel their masculinity is threatened whenever they get too close to a guy, they're always trying to stay "not gay", as if somehow they feel that your actions make you gay, and not your actual inner sexuality.
By extension, their masculinity also feels threatened when there's another guy who's gay, most guys have to assert their dominance when there's some other guy they feel more masculine than, and they feel superior to that dirty little gay kid.

Girls, they don't really have competitions to be as feminine as possible, they're not as competitive.
And so they don't feel threatened by either guy on guy, which they probably find hot, or girl on girl, because it's not a competition.

That's also why a lot of guys I know call everything gay, and faggy, and ask any guy if they're gay based on the slightest wrong move, it's like "how could I possibly be gay? I'm the most homophobic guy around! Except lesbians, that's fucking hot, I'm going to try to sleep with them".


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You got that right: