Religion makes life awkward :(

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Went to dinner at the neighbors’ tonight. They seem nice. Jim is a pastor or something and he and his wife are retired. They’re going on a sabbatical to Moscow, where there are communal vodka drinking glasses and no one has any black socks. They are going to be staying with their missionary friends and going to a conference where Jim will be teaching other pastors. Tory is collecting shampoo because they don’t have that there either, apparently. Also the sidewalks aren’t even. I find myself wondering what could be so important that they couldn’t teach it somewhere with personal glasses and evenly paved roads.
I felt bad about this, but as they talked about religion I couldn’t help wondering if they hate homosexuals. I mean they’re so religious, and here I am, the living embodiment of sin, sitting at their table admiring their décor and eating their cake. And they seem like such nice people—they had a dog that I used to like, and Jim helped my dad landscape our yard.
And Carrie, my old nanny, is also religious. We’ve kept in touch and I’m her kids’ “Aunt Maddie.”
Then there’s my grandparents, devoted Roman Catholics. They live a few hours’ drive from my house, in my dad’s childhood home. They met when my grandma was a nurse in the army. My grandpa is a retired engineer. My grandma and I often use her embroidery machine together, and Grandpa lets me make pendants in his kiln.
Such good, normal people who want me dead. There is something inherently wrong with the human race.

A bottle of shampoo fell on my foot in the shower this morning. It still hurts like hell.


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"Such good, normal people

"Such good, normal people who want me dead."

A bit extreme, isn't it? Maybe these people you're surrounded by are a part of this new wave of open-minded religious people. Or maybe, even if they don't agree with who you are, they'll find a way around it and tolerate it at the very least.

But, talking about your neighbors specifically, I don't see why it'd be necessary for them to know your sexuality. I'm certainly not going to eat dinner at my neighbor's house and be all, "Please pass the salt. By the way I'm a lesbian." I guess, personally, I don't feel a need go through the whole Coming Out process with everyone. And hey, if they're nice people, just enjoy their company and stuff.

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when is it not awkward?

you should talk all the talk in a poets style

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No black socks in Moscow? What?

Just because people are religious doesn't mean they hate you or want you dead. There are plenty of people - like my roommate - who believe that God loves us all and that homosexuality isn't a sin. And there are plenty of others - like a girl I had a bit of a crush on for a while - who believe that their heterosexual sins are just as bad as our homosexual ones, and that God hates us all equally.

If you don't feel comfortable letting people know about you, that's fine - just don't be too quick to jump to the conclusion that they'll hate you for being gay just because of their religion.

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I'm pretty sure all those

I'm pretty sure all those people (that I mentioned) are anti-gay. However, I WAS feeling stressed and melodramatic when I wrote this.

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball