Saturday was the best day of my life ever.

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Yesterday I saw The Hunger Games with my dad and sister. I gotta admit, I wasn't expecting it to be too awesome. I don't know why. But damn, this movie was FANTASTIC. It did the book so much justice. The acting, the scenery, the script...all wonderful. I only have one minor complaint. In the movie Katniss gets the mockingjay pin from a trader in the Seam, but in the book she gets it as a gift from the mayor's daughter, whose name escapes me. Also, the movie never explained Avoxes, which are the Capitol servants who are basically brainwashed people with their tongues cut out.

But those are very minor things that I can easily forgive. The movie made me tear up a couple times. Several people in the theater were actually crying. If you ever read the books, you NEED to see this movie. If you haven't, read the books first. One should never see the movie before reading the book. I did that with The Lovely Bones, and it was just too weird.

Supposedly The Hunger Games was supposed to gross more than 150 million dollars just this weekend alone. It's expected to break records and surpass Twilight in sales. I hope it does. Finally a movie that deserves the attention it gets.

NOW FOR THE BEST PART OF YESTERDAY. Yes, it's Brittany-related. So she texted me at 7 and asked if I was doing anything, and then she said she wanted us to meet at the park along the river and hang out. SO WE DID and it was awesome. My friend Katie was there too, so we weren't entirely alone, but IT WAS STILL AWESOME.

She tried to teach me how to play hacky sack, which I failed at, and then we sat around and just...talked. I've never spoken to someone so thoughtful and intelligent. We talked about EVERYTHING. Religion, ghosts, aliens, journalism, our families, just everything. Most of my other friends just talk about how moody their boyfriends are, or how they're failing Pre-Calculus, or just bitch about stupid things in general. But Brittany...she's so insightful and deep. You don't meet girls like her everyday.

And, I mean, just the fact that she knows SO many people and chose ME to hang out with (I invited Katie for some odd reason, and I kinda regret it)... that's just amazing. I really, really hope we continue to hang out together. I've never enjoyed being with another person as much as her. I'm honored to be her friend.


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So that is pure hilarity. Glad to hear the movie's good, though, I'm seeing it sometime :O <3

That's redick!

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Oh gosh. Sorry for

Oh gosh. Sorry for interrupting yo' movie time. But yeah, you'll love the movie. I'm so used to Hollywood butchering books that I cringed throughout the previews :P

I KNOW RIGHT? I'm still reliving every second we spent together :'D

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That movie was AWESOME!

I loved it! :D

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I know! You've read the

I know! You've read the books, right?

I heard one girl in journalism today bitch about how horrible it was compared to the book. Umm...what? But this girl complains about EVERYTHING, so her opinion doesn't matter :P

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I read all te books 2 times

And some friend did the same thing when I was on the cinema with her and she only read just the first book, but everybody thinks she read the resume on Wikipedia!

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That movie was awesome!~

That movie was awesome!~ Then I went home and read it. I'm about halfway through Catching Fire now.

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Catching Fire is probably

Catching Fire is probably the best book in the series. I'm seriously looking forward to seeing that one on the big screen, but the third book...not so much :P