Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

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Fucking brilliant. Probably my favorite Barrett tune there ever was, that and Jugband Blues...

So, guys, I found this random chick's facebook page, and I really can't figure it out.
So it starts out she's a grandmother and shit, which is totally plausible, and then she's a Republican Baptist, still easily believable.
Then she's apparently incredibly incredibly racist. Which is getting slightly harder to believe, but still believable.
Then she complains about liberals a lot, still believable...
Then Turn straight, don't be jewish, liberal, gay, black, mexican, asian or atheist and we will be just fine.

I am the grandmother of 2 children and 3 wonderful grand babies. There is a fourth one but he's a homosexual so I don't count him. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful social security plan.

At this point, I'm not really quite sure if she's making fun of conservatives, or if she is some sort of crazy conservative. Although, of course, the difference isn't always a whole lot. Take Rick Santorum or Rush Limbaugh, for instance. Sometimes I have a hard time believing they're not parodizing conservatives. But they're serious.

Anyway, so maybe this woman is just insane, I don't quite understand...
But then, much more unbelievably: I just got through getting my pussy eaten out by Joseph Kony. I feel like a new woman. In Jesus name!
Did somebody say niggers? Makes my pussy quiver just thinking about it. Gracious heavens!
Why I agree with this completely. There are too many liberal hippies out there who want to stir up a ruckus for no good reason. Like all of the sissies who protested Wall Street. It's in God's hands! You don't need to worry about anything! The only people who this law shouldn't apply too is white Christians. I am confident that our good conservative leaders and lawmakers out there will apply it in this fashion as well. God told me so.

And so, after that, I'm INCREDIBLY confused, cause everything she says is all crazy-conservative shit and religious extremist weird shit, and she likes tons of things like, Smear the Queer, and she never mentions satirizing, but she just seems a little too crazy... And then she makes incredibly vulgar comments referring to her own pussy, I don't fucking understand...

What do you guys think?

Ummmm... Not a whole lot else, really. CAG has been really quiet for days, I haven't heard him speak. He hasn't seemed interested in any sort of contact.
I'll have to figure that out.

And then, we'll go to an orchestra thing this weekend. Fuckin awesome.

Night guys.


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I can only guess...

...and even if it proves to be an attempt at satire... it remains quite sick!

Probably a religious/social fanatic who's high on God-knows-what drug!


CAG! :(

He's obviously having difficulties and you leave him high and dry... just playing the (obligatory?) role of a mildly disinterested teen... who views his distress from a safe distance! :(

This cannot be you!

I know you feel empathy... Don't hide it!

Approach him and let him know that you truly care; that job's yours.

And... if another guess is permitted: I'm confident that soon after, you'll both come out winners!

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Almost certainly satire, but still, eew.

The title... I recognise that line, but can't put my finger on where it's from... This is bugging me now. I want to say Star Trek?

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You might have the line from somewhere else, but I got it from the title of a Pink Floyd song, their 3rd song on the 2nd album, A Saucerful of Secrets...

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thats odd

coming from a trae Scotsman and people call us weird
you should talk all the talk in a poets style