So I went to school...

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Again tonight, went back...Did homework in the library until they closed, then walked to the adjoining building where the GSA is supposed to 5 pm...and again....NO ONE there!!!!

Not a sould!

Just some techy nerds from the RPG club in the hall discussing some new online game. so there was the rpg or role playing game club there, but no GSA.

AND, on top of that, there was a republlican convention meeting there, so they closed off the entire student center for that, with no warnings. oh well.

I e-mailed the GSA organizer when I got home tonight, based on the e-mail he provided, but there was still no response.

I don't get why you would post flyers all over school, advertise the club for an entire day @ lunches and during break periods, and then NOT HOLD A FRIGGIN' meeting! God damn!

I mean, twice now, I have gone out of my way, and worked up the balls to go, and nothing has happened!


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Are you going to the right place? ;-)

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yep, or at least according to the flyers for it...

That they were passing out all last week! haha. IDK Jeff, it's pretty much been a failed attempt so far.

If it happens again next week, I probably won't got back.

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Sounds like me and you have

Sounds like me and you have been having the same problems hellonwheels :P

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Maybe they died.

I pass this display case in the hall every day for the GSA and the first person I came out to helps organize it. I really want to go, but it's after school.

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Why's that a problem?

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Because people (my family) will want to know why I'm

in the school when I don't have to be.

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Are there not other groups...

...that meet after school that you could quite "innocently" say you wanted to join? Of course... that'd involve a not-so-white lie. But...