Something I'll never try again.

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If you don't know what something does don't mess with it. But I went with my natural curiosity and fixed my glasses. So there was a "Frankenstein's screw" in the temple of the frame but installed backward for the longest time. So I decided to simply take it out and put it back it the correct way. I knew I could do it, I've done similar things 'o so many time before.

So I took the screw out and tried to put it back in. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. I was like "ok, it's not wanting to fit". I looked in to see if the alignment was correct but upon further poking, prodding and examining and a web search I found out that the temples used springed hinges. So in short the only way to get them realigned was to see a "professional".

I was like, "OH HELL NO! I'LL FUCKING DO THIS MY WAY!". And so I ended up using a sharpened tip of a paperclip to realign the two holes and insert the screw. Success. I'm never going to do it again though! But my glasses to seem less haxored and less hipstered (because of the improper screw placement).

So there's one story. Now for all you Android Linux users out there reading this (of which I know there to be few [but I'll type it up and serve it up anyway {serving up some parentheception}]). Spacecat 3D is the best game ever, just try it out on your tablet or phone, it's super fun! I honestly didn't think a game with a cat could ever be so fun and yet it is!


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I'd call it a sucess if it

I'd call it a sucess if it turned out ok xD
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