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Not feeling much like a Super Duck lately. I don't want to go anywhere or do anything. I'm just apathetic. I might go somewhere with a friend tomorrow, but I really don't want to... Especially because she's the one who ALWAYS wants to sleep over, and I've just never liked people sleeping over all that much. I don't like for them to see my messed up family in action, and I don't particularly sleep well in other people's houses. I already have a way to get out of that part, though. I feel kind of bad for it, but at the same time, not really, because I don't even want to go anywhere in the first place. I have gotten to the point where I can barely stand leaving my house and looking at the shithole I live in. I can't wait for moving day.

Today at school, some club had its annual bake sale thing. It was delicious. It brought back a memory, though... Last year, I had French after lunch, and we had to help clean up because the teacher was the one who sponsored that club. FCG and I were hindering more than we were helping, so the teacher put all the leftover pies and cakes on a tray, gave us forks, and told us to go away and eat the leftovers. We took the tray off to a corner and ate everything. It didn't even bother me, a lifelong germaphobe, that we ate off of the same pieces of cake and stuff because she was FCG, so her mouth germs weren't gross. She's still the only person I've ever voluntarily eaten after because everyone else in my life has gross mouth germs.

Can't stand school, but what else is new? We had that annual test thing designed to make the school look good recently. All of my teachers agree that it is a steaming load of horse shit, but the plus side is that tons of hotties from other schools were there. Why do I go to the ugly school? I sat by, like, the hottest girl ever in there, and there was another hot chick too, and there were just all these hot girls everywhere. There are 2 hot girls in my entire school, and both are about to graduate.

I'm either borderline failing or having my intelligence insulted. There is no middle ground. My chemistry teacher decided to become a total douche, so nothing in that class is likable anymore. All he does is bitch all the time now. I made a 76 last quarter. On the flip side, there's my English teacher. Don't get me wrong, I love her. She is the best teacher I have ever had... Ever. As in, all 11 years. But right now, she is insulting my intelligence. I am in 11th grade Honors, which is basically 12th grade English at my school. We are going over nouns and shit like it's 5th grade. We have been doing this for over a week now. I'm sorry, but if you are in 12th grade level English and don't know that nouns are people, places, and things, you need to just go home. "Oh, but this raises ACT scores," she says. "You could go up 5 whole points on the English section." Technically, I can't, since I have a 32 on that section. :p 

I know not everybody can make a 32. I know some people legitimately do need the help. I just don't think they should be in my HONORS English class. I mean... NOUNS. Come on.

I should be reading my APUSH bullshit, but I can't stop listening to the "Faith Hilling" song from last night's South Park. I'm so glad South Park is back. South Park and my sweet little kitten are the only things keeping me sane. Seriously, this cat is the cutest ever. He used to be scared of being picked up, and he still is sometimes, but when he lets me pick him up, it's so cute I could just explode. He just sits there and rests his head against me and looks up at me with those big green kitty eyes and just GAH. When he wants down, he just meows and I let go of him, but my sister tortures the poor thing, so he kicks her. He's still a baby to me, even though he is like 8 months old. All cats are still babies to me, actually. Haha. Even the ridiculously ancient ones who are older than me. I remember this one lady in my cousin's old neighborhood had a 25-year-old cat. Holy shit.


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faith hilling is sooo 1999. c'mon duck! LOL

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/cartman voice

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I feel the same way about

I feel the same way about people staying at my house. I'd much rather go stay at a friend's house. Not because my family is fucked up or anything, but because...I dunno, it's like my personal space or something. I'm really not much of a hostess.

I can relate with many things in this journal, actually. My school is full of unattractive, unintelligent people too. And we spent a week in AP English reviewing adverbs and adjectives. Um, really? And of course some of the stupid bitches in my class were like "LOL how do I adverb? Is this math class?"

Jesus Christ. So yeah, I know that feel, bro.

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I'm not much of a hostess

I'm not much of a hostess either... But I did go out tonight and have a good time. I just got home.

Wow, so it's not just my school? Is it really, like, a common thing to review basic shit like adverbs and nouns in high level classes? That is ridiculous!

Oh my god, and we do these little worksheet things I haven't seen since middle school. I've always hated those things because I rush through them and don't even see half the shit I'm supposed to mark.

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Unfortunately, its not just

Unfortunately, its not just high school English as well. My college maths class is the same. Its rather depressing, the level of knowledge people seem to not have.

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