This week is going well.

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Sarcastically, of course. I've been doing absolutely nothing except listening to music and pretending to do homework. I'd get my homework done so I can have free time do do other stuff, like bass guitar and Skyrim, but I'm too distracted by other stuff. And third quarter's almost over in school. I'm dreading the day that will end contact with Brad for months, or maybe even forever. That's my biggest fear right now. If I'm going to tell him, then it will have to be within a months.
On the positive part of the week, I've been making better electronic music. I've also been getting into some new styles of music. I love Jimi Hendrix. I've also started listening to trance, UKF dubstep, and drum and bass, the last of which I've been listening to almost exclusively, and a lot. It has great beats! Here are some good songs:

(UKF Dubstep)

(Drum and Bass)