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The little whiteboard outside Leah's and my dorm room had been showing "El Skipito" - some children's-book character who thinks he's a Chihuahua but is really a Siamese cat - with a Santa hat, since just before Christmas break, which was a whole quarter ago now. Now it says:

Mat Baynton
fell out of the sky
and whisked us away to Mars
in a steampunk Tardis
Because we are ninja spies.

Aside from the obvious - the silliness and the disturbingly heterosexual attraction to Mat Baynton (which is what my last journal was about, if anyone cares) - there's something that didn't occur to me until later. Whisked us away to Mars. We are ninja spies. It feels good to have that sort of bond with someone. We're not just roommates, we're friends. A unit. If, miraculously, a steampunk Tardis fell out of the sky, we wouldn't let it just whisk one of us away to Mars - we're both going.