Well, I have an update for y'all.

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Things went even better with Brad today. We talked all of second period and all we could in first period (before we took the weekly test). The way he's been acting and talking for the last few days just really makes me think that he likes me. He showed me a political cartoon that he made and a personal project he's working on.
I got a wondeful feeling while talking to Brad. I loved being near him and talking to him, and I really wanted to kiss him. He always wears shirts for his swim team and the one he wore today had the names of everybody on his team. I looked through all the names (with his permission–and even approval–of course) to see if I recognized any of them other than his. I only knew one other person (a really cool guy who I talk to all the time and who also makes electronic music, but better than I do). Anyway, it was pretty fun.
I hope we'll stay in touch during the Spring Break. He told me to watch the movie Airplane! today and text him after I do. Unfortunately I can't today because (1) I'm watching The Descendents with my dad and (2) I was locked out of the Netflix account when I had time to watch it; nobody could figure out the password.
I've also decided to take Latin next year. This wasn't an awesome coincidence until I found out that Brad wants to take Latin, too! He said that we should be in the same Latin class next year.
Things have been going great lately. People were happier than ever at lunch, too. The world is good.


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funny story about airplane...

The guy who plays striker was my dad's besty in high school. lol.

I love that movie.

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