What the Heck?!

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So I'm just sitting here watching Friends on a Friday night, laughing at some mildly funny jokes, when I start to notice a pattern. Homophobic jokes. Now, don't get me wrong, I understand that homophobia is just now starting to become socially unacceptable. But Friends is from the 90s, which really isn't that long ago, and they don't make racist jokes. And the saddest part is, I laugh automatically when I hear those jokes. It really says a lot about our society's stance on homosexuality: we should be nice to gay people, but making fun of them is fine. It's like we've all been programmed to think that being gay is funny.
I'm not saying gay people should never be the funny characters; I'm just saying TV could learn to be respectful. Hopefully my kids will live in a time when people just frown and look confused when someone makes a gay joke. Because the worse thing we can do is to people it's OK to be bigotted--even when it's well-meant.


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I kind of agree with you on the social conditioning, especially for men. For guys, it is normal to make jokes about one's sexuality. In high school, jokes were made at the expense of others during gym and sports events all the time. Sometimes they were well meant by friends just joking around, but often they were not.

Homophobia is definitely more intense within the male gender, at least from what I have seen and read about, than it is in the female gender. However, that does not mean that homophobia does not exist within the female gender either.

As a rule, I would say most women are accepting, or at least tolerant of, gay men. They view the idea of a stereotypical gay male as someone who will be able to give them fashion advice, a shoulder to cry on, etc.

On the other side of things, many women view lesbianism as wrong simply because they are disgusted by the thought of having sex with another woman.

Currently in one of my philosophy classes, we are reading about immanuel kant's take on homosexuality. It's actually quite interesting.

I think societally, we have been cultured to normalize bigotry at the expense of GLBT people.

IDk though, since I come from an extremely bogoted background on my dad's side of things, and still struggle with my own learned racism and homophobia all the time. I do HOPE, like you, that someday kids will be confused by it though.


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