==★ (world sick)

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I feel very 'world-sick' today and unbeautiful
And upset about...
the way that our society is and i wish that we could just stop it all
and fucking "pop culture" and "death culture"

i hate the fact that we only get one lifestyle shown to us in the media
and one kind of body to be seen as beautiful
i hate how everything is so controlled by money
i hate how almost every human interaction and longing has been monetized
even platonic friendship has been ruined by facebook and such

i hate that we base our cultural identity on consumer products
does he drink coke or pepsi? does she shop at forever 21 or zara?
doesn't that bother anyone?

some guy in the military murdered 16 civilians in this "war on terror"
and everyone is talking about how inhumane and wrong it is...

you showed him how to use a gun and shoot people with it
isn't there something wrong in that?
isn't creating hate propaganda against another culture wrong?
isn't sending an army to destroy something, only to rebuild it (giving $$$ to corporations) in the way that YOU think is right, wrong?
isn't sending young people overseas to kill other people for profit wrong?
all this under the slogan of "ARMY OF ONE" (not even going to start on how lonely that slogan is...)

and are you ever going to see any media outlet present this POV or critique our culture?
no, because cash rules everything and it's too controversial
fuck we'd rather research ways to colonize other planets than change our economic system

we live in a culture that sells you shows like "survivor" where the aim is to manipulate and deceive your way into being all alone on your desert island with a million bucks.

millions of years of evolution (in theory) only to come to this?


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You're angry - I'm not used to you angry. I only remember sad and beautiful and sometimes laughing. Your anger scares me a little. I don't know what else to say. I believe the world's not so bad. Does that make me shallow and ignorant - or just idealistic?

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i didn't mean to frighten

i didn't mean to frighten you...

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You're fully justified...

...in being disillusioned with man's moral shortcomings!

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You put seven billion humans

You put seven billion humans on a planet, there's bound to be trouble.
I think the thing is to know that there is good with the bad.