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I got a 29 on my ACT. Is that good enough, do you think? I'm gonna take it again in April or something to see if I can get in the 30's. Many would be happy with a 29, but I want to do better.

Brittany texted me tonight and told me she absolutely loves my poetry. She says it's beautiful, fantastic. She's really nervous about bringing her own poetry because she's never shared it with anyone before. She wasn't at school today. Would've been nice to hear her praise in person.


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Did you give her the one

Did you give her the one about her in the end, or is it so obvious who you're talking about?
“Why do you sit there looking like an envelope without any address on it?”

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There are two dilemmas with

There are two dilemmas with giving her that poem: it reveals, very obviously, that I am gay. And there is one particular part that describes her hair, which is also obvious because her hair is such a unique color. So I doubt I'll ever give it to her.

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I think a 29 is really good,

I think a 29 is really good, because I have a 28, but I'm looking to get a 30. I'm going to stop when I get a 30. Was it your first try on the ACT? Because if it was, then that's even more amazing. My friend who has a 33 now made in the low 20s on her first try.

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This was my first try, but

This was my first try, but I've taken so many practice ACT's I was pretty well-prepared. I think the math and science sections really got me, because the science part was basically written in another language and I'm stuck in calculus mode for math, so I couldn't understand some of the questions. I'm gonna try for a 30 or 31 in April. I expect too much from myself sometimes.

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I've taken it twice, and my

I've taken it twice, and my first one was a 27. The second time was way easier for me. I went up 6 whole points on the science section. Math and science really got me too... I think the science part is just pure luck.

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Brad wasn't at school, either.

He missed the group picture we took for the yearbook.

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Doesn't the day just feel so

Doesn't the day just feel so incomplete without crushes to obsess over? Friday totally made up for her absence though. Brittany gave me a ride home after school, and showed me some of her drawings. We'll probably hang out outside of school sometime soon.

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Let the administration know...

...that his pic must be Photoshopped in! And... if he could surreptitiously learn of your plea... I suspect it'd do wonders for your relationship!