A Distrubing Viewing

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Guys... today I wacthed the most distrubing documentry that I have ever seen. For those who know me egough, which I know you guys kind of don't... so refeer to my fun little stories to realize my idea of things that really don't bother me. In my WWII class we wacthed a documentery on the Holocaust called "Night and Fog". It is a 1955 French Documentary that last about 30 mintues. The entire class was completely slient throughout, and basically struck slient at the very end. People were pretty quite walking out. Emotionally I will say that it inspried in me quite distrubed, though more than that I felt a sense of fury.

I am kind of having a hard time explianing it... really saying that it is the most distrubing thing that I have ever seen doesn't do it justice. Words really can't discribe it...

It is not esay to explain exactlly what specifically makes it so distrubing... I think it is best that you just wacth and you will see for yourself. Though I will say that it is everything, and I mean everything about the documentry combined, that brings it to that level. Taking out anything would take away form the effect. Just take a look and you will see what I mean... oh...

And I would recommend wacthing start to finish... don't stop.


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Just finished watching it on youtube...

I don't think I've ever seen such graphic footage of concentration camps before. Very disturbing indeed. I love the narration too.

"We turn a blind eye to what surrounds us, and a deaf ear to the never-ending cry of humanity."

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The ironic thing is... that

The ironic thing is... that later on that night after wacthing the documentory. On the new episode of South Park, Cartmen had kind of 'life flash before his eyes moment' and has become a Jew. :P