A pillow of winds

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I love trying to sing this song. I have a bit of a sore throat now, though, so I can't really reach the pitch, that well, at least.

But I think I like Harper more as a singer than like Gilmour or Waters, although that might just be for this song, I have a feeling Waters had a great voice for like The Wall.

Not much to mention now, the main reason I was writing was a rather odd experience in English class. I was just sitting there as the teacher was talking and this girl was like do you take steroids?
and I was like "no....."
and she said well then why are like your veins all... yeah?

See, I really don't know why my veins do that, I also tend to turn red incredibly easily in any circumstance, I think I have like varicose veins or something...

And so then she was like yeah, I think you do and then I just smiled at her, cause I thought she was joking, but she wasn't.
So then I was just like "okay, whatever, I guess".
Cause it was weird. Like, I'm not that big of a guy, why would someone like me be suspected of taking steroids?

Cause I mean, if I was going to take a drug, any drug, I'm going to take some fucking drug that like feels good or something at least, rather than just some stupid nasty thing that fucks up all your hormones and shit.

It was just weird experience, I don't know many people who go look around for symptoms of drug use in other people.


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I blush really, really

I blush really, really easily too. I hate it. If the teacher uses my name in an example for lecture, I blush. If Brittany smiles at me, I blush. If a group of people stare at me, I blush. I turn *super* red when I give a presentation, even if I am confident. I've always wondered what the science was behind people who blush easily.

But yeah, that is weird. Some girls don't have any common sense.

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I blush super bad too

When I manage to keep from blushing at stuff it goes to my ears instead. Once a teacher noticed and made this whole thing about red ears...it was SO humiliating! I had thought that "transfering" my blush would make people not know I was ambarassed!

"It's a helluva start, knowing what makes you happy."
--Lucille Ball