A Poem... Hope you guys enjoy :D

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Wrote a poem... Hope you guys enjoy :D


Day 1-

His servants are everywhere
So would you kindly keep watch for yourself?
They are an infection in halls
Crawling and creeping through the walls
So what can you do?
Please just make sure to kindly keep watch behind you.

His servants are everywhere
Can’t you see?
Then again maybe it is all just coming from me…
Is there a chance I am absolute mad?
Though that could explain while every wall in this room is covered pads

His servants are everywhere
They are all around
Yet for some reason, they don’t seem to make a sound
I see one there, and there, and there…
Look around I beg you, they are standing everywhere

His servants are everywhere
Look at the hole on the wall
Maybe if you look over in that direction
Then you can see them all
It is in that that direction that they drag me into the hall…

His servants are everywhere…
Now don’t you see…
It seems that you are stuck in here with me
Yet that is ok it will all go away
Because his servants are everywhere… and they are always watching me.

Day 2-

His servants are everywhere
Yet for worry, there is no need
Since really all we have to do is talk to me
So maybe we should move my mouth
At least that way, our words come out

His servants are everywhere
Yet we have established that
I don’t know why I have to keep reminding us
Maybe it is just a matter of fact?
So I guess I will say it again… unless maybe we should leave it at that?

His servants are everywhere
We saw them today
They paid us a visit, wouldn’t you say?
Pokes and pricks where what we received
I wonder form us what it was they hoped to cleave?

His servants are everywhere
They are quite easy to see
Though no matter how hard I struggle they have taken everything from me
Of course now that you are locked in here they will take it from us too
Oh well I can most certainly say that I do indeed feel sorry for you

His servants are everywhere
They carry their little blades
Along with the poking metal
Which they use on us all hours of the day
It always hurts, but they won’t stop… that is a question I ask… why won’t they stop?

Day 3-

His servants are everywhere
Can I ask you something my new friend?
Could we stay together till the very end?
I know they will try to separate us, but we must say no
Because frankly in the end, we have nowhere to go

His servants are everywhere
They say that they are going to do it today
Separate us from each other
Yet I have come to love you just like a brother
We won’t let them do it…

His servants are everywhere
We promise that I will fight
Never shall we be separated from each other not even for a night
The need for someone to talk to is why you are here
That is why you are not going to go anywhere

His servants are everywhere
We can hear them coming
I must give them quite a pummeling
We will fight them off and they will leave
No more form me will I let them cleave

His servants are everywhere
They strike fast and they strike hard
We didn’t want to give an inch, but it ended up a yard
Now we find ourselves falling into a dreamless sleep…
When will we wake up?... I guess we will have to wait and see…

Day 4-

Where did his servants go?
Wait a minute where am I?
Wait a minute who am I?
Wait a minute wait am I?
Wait a minute when am I?

Where did his servants go?
This doesn’t make any sense
I can’t even see
What happened to all my senses?
Why can’t I think?... What has gone on since they knocked me senseless?

Where did his servants go?
I think I am dead
I don’t feel quite right in the head
Wait a minute
What happened to my friend

Where did his servants go?
My friend is now gone
I think they took him away from me
Why did they do that… to little old me
Now again I am alone or maybe numb is a better word…